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The ‘Bates Motel’ Set Is Earning Some Pretty Bad Reviews On Google

Entertainment Christine Bord October 26, 2016

The ‘Bates Motel’ Set Is Earning Some Pretty Bad Reviews On Google

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That's because it's actually the set for the A&E series "Bates Motel". The network painstakingly recreated the "Psycho" house for the series that stars Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga as his mother Norma. The "Psycho" prequel is set in present day and focuses on a younger version of Norman and his relationship with his mother, leading up to the fateful events that take place in Hitchcock's classic horror film.

The replicas of the hilltop home and roadside motel were built in 2013 for the show's first season and have had several updates since, including a new roof on the house for the second season, making it seem even more realistic.

In fact, the sets are so life-like they can be seen on Google maps, where they've been labeled "Casa Bates" and "Bates Motel Site", and where they've earned many reviews no proprietor, especially Norma Bates, would want.

Among the phony reviews are a recommendation to "move along" and an acknowledgment by another that "I'm starting to think I picked a bad place to crash for the weekend."

Stephen Daniels wrote, "I'm with the others - this Motel sucks. The owner is bone-bloody-idle and just sits up in the big house all day gawking out her bedroom window as her rather scatter-brained son tries to keep the place alive. Occasionally I heard her voice from the office, so I presume there is an intercom or something where she dishes-out the orders. One star for a nice clean bathroom though - scrubbed and polished to a sparkle."

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There are also a few real tips for fans who might want to explore the set of one of their favorite TV shows. But, as user Travis Hill points out, "The house is clearly visible from the street. Unfortunately, you can't approach the house because security is on site 24/7."

Currently, there is no word as to what producers plan to do with the site after "Bates Motel" wraps - the cast and crew are currently filming the show's fifth and final season - but it seems fans would be interested in staying at the site, if it were turned into a real motel. One fan, Marina B., wrote in her review, "would totally rent a room if i could."

You can check out all of the reviews, or leave your own, on Google.

Not in Vancouver but still want to get a taste of the "Psycho" house? You can see the home and motel from the original "Psycho" movie on the Universal Studios Hollywood Tour and during Universal's Halloween Horror Nights through the month of October. In NYC this month? The "Psycho" house has also been recreated on the Met Museum's rooftop where it will remain through Halloween.