Last updated: 03:00 PM ET, Tue October 18 2016

The ‘Better Call Saul’ Crew is Filming at 'Los Pollos Hermanos'

Entertainment Christine Bord October 18, 2016

The ‘Better Call Saul’ Crew is Filming at 'Los Pollos Hermanos'

Yesterday, the “Better Call Saul” crew was spotted filming scenes at Twisters, located at 4257 Isleta Blvd SW in Albuquerque – a burrito and burger joint that “Breaking Bad” fans will also know as Gus Fring’s Los Pollos Hermanos.

After the show’s season two finale, creator Vince Gilligan told Vanity Fair that “just because Fring’s back — technically speaking, if not literally — it doesn’t mean that folks should assume that they’ll see him at the beginning of season three.”

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He added, “This is a character who is very circumspect. Very cautious. He does not reveal himself easily. He makes people work to get to him as we saw him make Walter White work very hard and jump through a great many hoops to get to face-to-face with him in ‘Breaking Bad.’ I don’t think anyone should assume that he’ll move in next door to Mike and borrow a cup of sugar. He’s going to stay Gus Fring, arguably the most brilliant person ever to appear on either show.”

But, with filming already taking place at Gus’ chicken joint, it looks like we could be seeing Gus make an appearance on “Better Call Saul” sooner, rather than later in season three.

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