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The Internet Found Deleted 'Friends' Scene Featuring A TSA Fiasco

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | August 20, 2015

The Internet Found Deleted 'Friends' Scene Featuring A TSA Fiasco

Image via YouTube

Could we BE any more excited right now?

Thanks to some Internet digging and YouTube sifting, various outlets uncovered a relic of Indiana Jones proportions this week, mining some never-before-seen footage of the hit show “Friends.”

This is fortunate, because we were just on our third time around the series on Netflix, so we could use something different.

CNN points to the following video posted to YouTube by user bagurka in 2007. Only it’s just now getting the attention it deserves.

The footage centers around travel, seeing characters Monica and Chandler preparing to set off on their illustrious honeymoon.

According to IMDB, the episode was set to air on October 11, 2001. Because of the awful tragedy on September 11, officials decided to axe the following scenes because of various untimely references:

Fans will recognize some of the footage above; some of what remains in the eventual episode remains in the beginning and end of the TSA screening scene.

What fans might be used to is Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica (Courteney Cox) getting to the airport just late enough to miss out on first-class seats.

The couple in front of them are actually the ones for whom the attendant pulls some strings.

It seems producers had a much longer airport fiasco planned for the Bings, but because of obvious mentions of bombs throughout the very meat of the bit, showrunners decided it was best to go with an alternate scenario.

Instead of Chandler uttering bomb again and again, the Bings are merely thwarted at every turn by this nameless, adorable couple that seem to be everywhere they are, just a few moments earlier.

One thing we missed was Monica making going through TSA security into a bit of a competition—classic Monica.

And, of course, the bit ends in much the same way. Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) are sitting in Monica’s apartment, having already had the door destroyed to get inside.

Fans will also recognize this as the episode that Ross discovers condoms are only 97 percent effective, leading to a Geller freak-out session, which is always entertaining.

Thanks to this impromptu discovery, we are now mandated by fan law to watch the episode “The One Where Rachel Tells.”

It may not be a well-known law, but we must abide. The moment you break any rules you are squired off to some dark room to answer unrelenting questions. 


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