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The Most Travel-Inspiring Locations From This Year's Emmy Awards

Entertainment Christine Bord September 21, 2016

The Most Travel-Inspiring Locations From This Year's Emmy Awards

During this year’s Emmys, "Game of Thrones" was crowned 2016's Outstanding Drama Series, giving it the most wins for a fictional series, ever. GOT might have won, but any of this year's nominated series could provide some serious travel inspiration whether you're a fan, or just looking for a new destination to explore.

Here's a look at each series that was nominated in the Drama category, where it is filmed and what you can do there right now.

The Americans

Given the series is set in 1980s D.C., during the cold war, it's no surprise that many of the NYC filming locations for "The Americans" are a bit drab. But, there are two locations that have been used in the series as Switzerland and Italy, respectively, and are worth checking out on your next trip to Brooklyn - the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Brooklyn Museum (which has actually had a few different roles on the series).

The Botanic Garden is open daily from March–October and always has lots going on for families, amateur photographers and phytophiles. The Brooklyn Museum always has cool events happening year round, too. For instance, this fall they'll be screening a documentary about the Miss Rheingold Beauty Contest marketing campaign of 1941–64, while hosting a beer tasting and welcoming the film's director. Check out the full schedule of events at

House of Cards

Most of HOC is filmed in Baltimore but you don't need to look farther than the show's opening credits to get a some D.C. inspiration. The Kennedy Center of Performing Arts illuminated at night, Nationals Park and the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial are all represented. Already know your way around D.C.? Take the Washington Post's "House of Cards" Opening Credits Quiz to see how many shots you can identify.

Better Call Saul

"Better Call Saul" has picked up where "Breaking Bad" left off in continuing to use Albuquerque, NM as its canvas. And, in doing so, many of the show's filming locations have been added to the ABQ Trolley Co's "Breaking Bad" Tour. Tours are held throughout the year and cost $65 per person.

Downton Abbey

If you're looking for something a bit more high brow than a trolley ride through Albuquerque, hop across the pond to spend the day at the estate featured in "Downton Abbey". The Highclere Castle, a 1,000-acre estate in Hampshire, U.K., has been the country seat of the Earls of Carnarvon since 1679. The castle was designed in 1842 by Sir Charles Barry, the architect responsible for the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. The best part is, the castle is open for tours. You can find more details about visiting Highclere at

Mr. Robot

"Mr. Robot" is one of the rare shows that doesn't just shoot in NYC, but makes the city another character, embracing it's sinister side. Some of the eateries on the show are worth seeking out, too, like Think Coffee on 4th Ave or Pierre Loti, where Elliot decided to do some good with his hacking skills and took it upon himself to investigate his therapist's new boyfriend. Check out more of our favorite "Mr. Robot" restaurant selections here.


"Homeland" has changed locations more than just about any other series on television. The first three seasons were shot in Charlotte, NC, then the show moved to South Africa while season five was filmed in Berlin and, now, season six is shooting in NYC.

"It's being rebuilt and redesigned, that could be a useful metaphor for the characters," this is how star Claire Danes explained the decision to shoot last season in Berlin. While filming in Germany, "Homeland" used the famed Studio Babelsberg for its home base and sound stages. Like many American studios, Studio Babelsberg not only gives tours to curious fans, it also has an adjoining theme park, Filmpark Babelsberg, that focuses on family entertainment, attractions, events and restaurants. Adult admission is around $23.

Game of Thrones

If they gave out an Emmy specifically for locations (which they should) "Game of Thrones" would probably win that one, too. The series shoots all over Europe but uses Belfast as its home base. And, given the show's popularity, it is no surprise several tours have popped up all over Ireland that will bring fans to some of the most beautiful, iconic locales from the HBO series. Among them is the Winterfell Tour that includes Winterfell Castle courtyard, the archway from King Roberts arrival to Winterfell Castle, the Mystical Tree where Robb and Talissa were married, and more. This deep dive into GOT doesn't come cheap though, tickets start around $500.