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There's a Hole in London That Has a Hunger for Ladies Pushing Trolleys

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | April 24, 2015

There's a Hole in London That Has a Hunger for Ladies Pushing Trolleys

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There is a portion of the North End Road in Fulham, London, that is seemingly devouring hapless passersby. So, you know, watch your step.

BBC News reports on the rather scary news of a three-foot wide hole that opened up like some biblical entity and began swallowing locals en masse.

Granted, we may be overextending the veracity of what occurred, because it seems two people fell victim to the chance opening.

Still, it has us weary to step out our own respective doors.

Mashable’s Tim Chester managed to corral a bit more on the event, including various social media updates like this initial reaction from an Instagram user:


And this close up from Twitter:

Greg Hands offers a bit of comfort for those taking in what seems to be a seriously dangerous opening in the sidewalk:

There is some conjecture as to what exactly happened. If you read between the lines of some tweets, it seems like the ground opened up like some “Doctor Who” monster and began openly stuffing random locals into its maw.

The Daily Mail measures that with what may have been a section of sidewalk that was already cordoned off: “A nearby flower stall owner, who asked not to be named, said she saw a man come running out of the cafe this morning, shortly before the drama unfolded. 'The hole had been blocked off with tables and chairs but she had squeezed through and went straight down,' she said. 'She didn't have a pram or a buggy, it was a shopping trolley.’”

The report continues, “‘The shop owner was shouting out to her, ‘Don't come through there.’”

The Daily Mail later continues that a man had stopped to inform the Marrakech Express manager that the ground was falling apart. It’s at that point, Atila Mohammed states, that a woman walked by and onto the part of ground that suddenly broke into a larger hole.

Despite their cries for her to stop, she continued on and down into the hole.

BBC News adds, “The accident happened shortly after a man fell down the hole and twisted his ankle.”

The only thing we can confidently glean from reports is the unnamed woman seems not to have been seriously harmed.

As for the rest of pertinent information: There is a hole in Fulham that has already claimed one woman’s day. Please make sure that you are off your phones and cognizant of your surroundings for the time being.

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