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These Fictional Super Villain Travel Posters Are Pretty Amazing

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar November 12, 2016

These Fictional Super Villain Travel Posters Are Pretty Amazing

IMAGE: We hear Gotham is pretty this time of year. (Image courtesy

If you could travel anywhere in the fictional universe, where would that be?

That’s the grand question offered by Shutterstock and it’s gorgeous display of fictional travel posters.

And we can’t decide what’s better about the entry. It’s either that each is dedicated to super villains or that each is an actual GIF, waving at you from some glorious corner of the Internet that we geeks adore.

Shutterstock’s Eleanor Innis explains: “See where the evil got started in this series of animated fictional travel posters made entirely from the Shutterstock collection, inviting tourists to discover the hometowns of some of fiction’s baddest super villains.”

Now we encourage you to visit the website, because all of the posters are amazing, but we had to highlight our favorites.

What we have below is what Jedi looking for kids with high Midi-chlorian counts might fancy for a holiday.

(Image courtesy

And really, there is no reason to vacation on the desert planet of Tatooine unless you’re up to no good or are attempting to creepily watch over your padawan’s son for a couple decades.

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But really, the toughest place to really unwind would have to be King’s Landing in the “Game of Thrones” universe.

(Image courtesy

Oh sure, political intrigue sounds nice and all. However, one minute you are living large and the next you are knee deep in wildfire.

Thanks to Shutterstock we are now contemplating where in the grand multiverse of fiction we might want to travel.

Tooling around Harry Potter’s neck of the woods wouldn’t be so bad, even if ol’s what’s his name in on the loose.

We might like to spend some time on the holodeck, even if it meant being in close proximity to Ferengi, Cardassians and Borg.

But what we really want to experience is a week out on the TARDIS. Sure, that means bumping into Cybermen and Daleks every now and again, but that’s a small price to pay for hanging with a Time Lord.

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