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This Movie Travel Phrasebook Might Not Be Useful, Is Assuredly Fun

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar November 11, 2016

This Movie Travel Phrasebook Might Not Be Useful, Is Assuredly Fun

Image: The movie phrasebook travelers never knew they needed. (Image courtesy

Let’s be honest, you’re going to butcher phrases like “Where is the bathroom,” “What do you recommend on the menu” and “Can you direct me to the nearest hospital, I seem to have eaten a bad fish sandwich” anyway. rolled out a wonderful online phrase book that we are sure you are destined to toy around with for the next few hours or so.

It’s called You Talkin’ To Me?: The Movie Quote Phrasebook, and it gives you handy alternatives to the usual fare you spout off when traveling the world.

The image above represents some of the movies from which you can glean an International demand or response, much to the delight of locals.

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Now there are some awesome aspects to this little online curio. For one, the lines are delivered by voice-over actors – so lines like that from “E.T.” are particularly cringe worthy/delightful.

Second, even if you aren’t planning a trip, you now have access to lines from 17 classic movies and how to say them in up to four languages.

The only downside is that you get all of one line from each. And in many cases they aren’t exactly what you would bust out while at the hotel conversing with a local concierge.

Then again, we like the idea of telling your sommelier at that fancy French restaurant, “ca c’est un excellent burger” in your best Jules impersonation.

We would have also liked to see a lot more “Clueless.” Although, it should be noted, the phrase “It’s my most capable looking outfit” would be an immense help as you meander clueless around a foreign airport looking for help.

In fact, this is a travel idea ready to pop: The “Clueless” travel phrasebook companion.

Imagine trying to make your way through Hong Kong or Moscow and being able to ask for a drink with, “I could really use some sort of herbal refreshment.”

In any case, we are fully behind a more fleshed out phrasebook that will get us in the right direction in an unfamiliar setting while also informing the locals that we are the kind of people who really don’t take ourselves too seriously.