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This Thai Video Does Not Have Nice Things to Say About Chinese Tourists

Entertainment | Barry Kaufman | March 17, 2015

This Thai Video Does Not Have Nice Things to Say About Chinese Tourists

If you have a sensitivity to seeing the wanton destruction of an otherwise orderly queue, we highly recommend you look away now. The following video gets pretty ugly from a “peacefully lining up and waiting your turn” standpoint.

Lately, one of the big ongoing storylines here at TravelPulse has been the rise of Chinese outbound tourism. As David Cogswell pointed out after a recent fam trip to New Orleans with a group of inbound Chinese tour operators, the number of Chinese tourist to the U.S. has exploded from 320,000 in 2006 to 1.8 million in 2013.

So what we’re essentially getting at is, seriously guys, there are a ton of Chinese tourists headed our way. And if you want to feel good about that at all, you probably shouldn’t watch this video, which is blowing up right now, racking up 1.3 million views in just two days.

The following, posted to the Thaivideo Today YouTube channel, shows an exasperated Thai presenter simply trying to be a part in that most human of endeavors, the orderly queue, as she negotiates the refund of her tourist tax.

“Now actually, a queue was just formed,” she informs us. “A queue means a line right? That’s why we call it a queue. Look what happens when Chinese tourists got here (sic).”

The camera then pans to an absolute sea of humanity, devoid of any kind of order. And just as we wonder what she’s so upset about, we soon learn that she has had her feet stepped on, her hair pulled, she’s been pushed, and let’s just say she does not have nice things to say about the state in which Chinese tourists left the restroom.

Now we might chalk this up to frazzled nerves, but as the video progresses, we do see our presenter getting fairly churned in the waves of people desperately trying to make their way to the front. If it was us, maybe that would be the point where we stopped filming and started shoving back. Fortunately for us, the presenter keeps on rolling.

Now it’s worth pointing out that the Thai have already had a rocky relationship with Chinese tourists. Last month, we brought you news that the Thai government had actually begun issuing etiquette manuals for Chinese tourists. Looks like they’re working, guys!

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