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Travel Website Facebooking Is Not Facebook, We Think

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | February 04, 2016

Travel Website Facebooking Is Not Facebook, We Think

FaceBooking is not a term for uploading yet another image of your baby doing something that babies always do. And it isn’t spouting off your political views to your friends. Well, it is all those things. But it’s apparently this other thing too.

Behold FaceBooking, a travel website that has the very look of that other popular website where you share your pictures from respective travels.

If you visit the above link, you will be whisked away to a website that asks you to simply input the destination to which you are going.

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From there, via a press release, the website handles the heavy lifting: “FaceBooking is a startup from Poznan in Poland, which was created in 2013, but the reservation system in full swing began in September 2015 and in October completed 500 nights. Facebooking automates the process of matching the hotel, adhering to a specific budget, date and location preferences. This is actually key idea of FaceBooking — personalization.”

It’s a tenuous tie to be sure: The “Face” is supposed to represent the personalization that you can infuse into your travels.

We are completely sure and 100 percent confident it doesn’t have to do with that other social media platform that started back in 2004.

We are sure that the similarities in typeset are also relegated to the fanciful land of coincidence, where everything is just one happy little accident.

The above represents some of the fonts used in FaceBooking’s marketing, where capitalizing the “B” seems to be something done more by feel than adherence to consistency.

For comparison, here is a look at that other website:

Now does Facebook own every last instance of the term face on the Internet? No, there is plenty of room to use both the words book and face on this great thing we call the interwebs. For proof you can peruse the preceding sentence.

However, when you smash those two seemingly innocuous words together you get something that is so familiar that you have to stand up and shout with the ferocity of someone who just got hit in the head with déjà vu.

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So, for the moment, Facebook is completely different than the Internet’s Facebooking website, just in case you were confused.

Trust us, we could see how you could get a little befuddled.

This would be like a website that delivers grandmas to your door calling themselves InstaGrams. Wait, no. That would be clever.


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