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TSA Discovers Woman’s Cane Is Actually A Sword

Entertainment Transportation Security Administration Gabe Zaldivar February 15, 2017

TSA Discovers Woman’s Cane Is Actually A Sword

PHOTO: A cane wasn’t just a cane at a recent security check. (Photo via Flickr/Minnesota Historical Society)

You just never know what's hiding in plain sight.

There’s a scene in “Kill Bill: Vol. 1” wherein the main character travels to Tokyo aboard a commercial airliner with a sword by her side.

Now we aren’t saying that the 80-year old female traveler described in The Charlotte Observer’s (h/t Mashable) report is The Bride, but it’s entirely possible. Another thing that is entirely possible is that everyday items you have owned for years may actually be really cool weapons in disguise.

According to the report, an 80-year-old woman was traveling through Myrtle Beach International Airport and had her walking cane with her at the time.

As we all know, items on your person will be scanned as you check through security. Little did this woman know, but her seemingly innocuous cane was actually a sword in its scabbard.

Mark Howell, TSA regional spokesman, tells the publication: “She had no clue it was in there.”

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Unfortunately, the unnamed woman wasn’t on her way to exact revenge on a targeted foe. The only explanation given was the cane was a gift from the woman’s son—a gift that is now but a memory.

As you may have guessed, the woman was forced to leave the cane/sword with TSA.

TravelPulse’s Eric Bowman recently regaled us with January’s complement of crazy items confiscated nationally by TSA. In that breakdown, we see that another person had a cane sword, something that is more common than we thought.

Let this be a lesson to anyone about to fly. Make sure you check all of your belongings before heading to the airport. You never know what may be an actual weapon in disguise.