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Turkish Airlines Plane Flew into Mothra According to Amazing Images

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | May 07, 2015

Turkish Airlines Plane Flew into Mothra According to Amazing Images

Image via Twitter

A bird or some form of buffalo with the gift of flight had the unfortunate fate of getting hit by a landing plane recently, leaving said plane with quite the broken nose.

Mashable’s Stan Schroeder spotted a remarkable image of a Boeing 737-800 sporting a smashed nose akin to a punch-drunk boxer nursing an early-bout knockout.

Essentially, the Turkish Airlines flight TK2004 featured in the following images might need a plane’s version of immediate rhinoplasty.

Now the images, while extraordinary to look at, did not cause harm to anyone on board. Schroeder reports that, despite flying into a bird, "The pilot managed to land successfully and none of the 125 passengers on board were injured."

The report states that a bird flew into the plane’s path, but we like to suggest that this may have been an errant Hulk smashing or perhaps a small sedan was somewhere it shouldn’t have been, namely hundreds of feet in the air.

In any case, we can’t fathom that a bird could cause this much cosmetic damage to a giant aircraft—a Khaleesi dragon we would buy.

Despite our incredulity, the previous images are what airlines have to deal with from time to time. Mashable was able to receive word from Dr. Ali Genc who is the senior vice president of media relations at the airline. He offered that this isn’t all that extraordinary.

The doctor stated that the nose is made of “soft materials (composite) to minimalize the impact of such hits.”

The spokesperson went on to say that a bird’s (Read: giant mutated flying beast) impact wouldn’t drastically affect a plane unless it smacked into the “engine area,” which Dr. Genc referred to as “critical” hits. 

Now there is no word as to the fate of the bird that tried to take on a giant airplane. We like to think that it shrugged off what we presume was a minor headache and flew off to the magical land from which majestic beasts reside.


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