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Upvote/Downvote: Aaron Paul, TMNT, Airbnb And Much More

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | May 20, 2016

Upvote/Downvote: Aaron Paul, TMNT, Airbnb And Much More

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This was a tremendous week for the pop culture world hitting Airbnb listings.

We had a bunch of mutated turtles decide to rent out their lavish digs in New York City. And then a “Breaking Bad” star did much of the same with his house in Idaho.

If that doesn’t catch your fancy, perhaps you would like to hear about the time a couple of enormous spiders ran loose on an airplane.

Yes, we thought that might get your attention.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a rowdy and rather gracious bunch. Thanks to their upcoming movie, they have decided to rent their pad out on Airbnb.

This means your TMNT bedtime onesie is suddenly relevant again.

Upvote: Fighting the Foot Clan is hard work. Then you factor in Bebop, Rocksteady and Krang into the mix and you need a place to unwind and play video games.

We have found our heaven.


According to TravelPulse's Donald Wood, a couple of tarantulas got loose onboard a Montreal-bound plane recently. The passengers reacted much in the same way you may have in a similar predicament.

Downvote: Forget smelly passengers, crying babies and armrest hogs. We have found the absolute winner for worst airline scenario of all time. Someone get Samuel L. Jackson on this thing.  

Yeah, B----!

Aaron Paul, the man who revolutionized how we all say the b-word, is reportedly renting out his Boise home on Airbnb.

Upvote: We hadn’t previously considered Boise as a destination hotspot. We may have to rethink that now considering these images.

Please, no:

As we previously noted, someone went and made the most obnoxious selfie stick of all time. Thankfully, it was all for a reality-TV advert.

Downvote: We know better. We know that right this very second, someone is preparing to make this automated, light-shining selfie stick a reality for all of you miserable people out there.


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