Last updated: 05:00 PM ET, Fri December 18 2015

Upvote/Downvote: Donald Trump Won Another Poll and More

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | December 18, 2015

Upvote/Downvote: Donald Trump Won Another Poll and More

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The airline industry did its job, humans were nice to humans and we have another week to size up and measure.

Welcome back to another Upvote/Downvote, where feel-good stories are double the points and Donald Trump is always good for a mention.

Now please feel free to send in your thoughts on social media about these following stories we decided really shaped the week that was.

Golf Clap:

According to the Transportation Department, myriad airlines are straight up killing it in the promptness department.

Via NBC News: “The Transportation Department said Monday that 87 percent of flights on the leading carriers arrived on time in October.”

We can now completely forget all of the delayed flights we have had in the past. Massive huzzahs are in order.

Upvote: Congratulations on, you know, doing your job and stuff.

Uber and Facebook Get Hitched:

After what we presume was a fortnight of flirting and fondling, Uber and Facebook finally came together to form Uber: Messenger, a completely new way to request an Uber we didn’t ask for.

Downvote: Switching between apps is indeed exhausting, but we never minded doing it.


Not content to merely stuff humans in the back of the plane as if they were the last items of luggage, Fortune reveals that the industry has a distinction of which you might not be aware.

It’s called last class, and it’s the industry's way of saying that there is no such thing as too tight of a fit. Fortune explains: “There, passengers’ seats are unassigned and crowded closely together. The tickets are cheap, but they can’t be exchanged or refunded. And most extras, like baggage, come with a fee.”

Downvote: While it may be cheaper, nobody should have to dehumanize themselves to save a buck, unless that means the wonder that is the Taco Bell Dollar Cravings menu. 

Donald Chump:

According to a study we simply needed in our lives, Donald Trump was the candidate people least wanted to sit next on a plane, via Yahoo! Travel.

Downvote: Not quite sure what the respondents are smoking, but this would be amazing simply for the story. This easily beats any manner of former '90s TV stars in the “Guess who I sat next to?” game we sometimes play with friends.

The Feels:

TravelPulse’s Donald Wood has a story that will hit you right in the tender part of the heart, featuring a kind person buying an airplane ticket for her fellow human, asking for nothing in return.

Upvote: The Hallmark channel has nothing on this feel-good story.


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