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Upvote/Downvote: Kayak, Hugs, TSA and More Travel News

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | May 13, 2016

Upvote/Downvote: Kayak, Hugs, TSA and More Travel News

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Hugs, drinks and unrelenting dance moves.

This week had us absolutely captivated as we pored over Running Man dance challenge videos, TSA YouTube debacles and stories of severe inebriation.

It was just this side of positively nifty.

But first we take a look at a bright future for curious travelers laying on their respective couches.

Amazon Alexa As Automated Agent:

For those of us suffering from extreme and debilitating laziness, there is now a way to research travel possibilities without moving any of our appendages. Amazon Echo now works with Kayak.

Upvote: The only exercise we were getting anyway was clicking through various trips on numerous OTAs. Now we can just shout for Alexa to figure it all out for us.

Now if we can just get someone to wheelbarrow us out the door we are all set.

Clear The Tarmac:

What started as an Air New Zealand dance video has turned into an airline dance challenge that just may take over the world.

Upvote: We hope this isn’t the figurative spark that dies out quickly but rather the first embers of a roaring Running Man challenge.

At the very least, we hope things continue long enough for us to grow tired of it so we can get snarky about the lack of creativity.


(Video contains some NSFW language)

There are some things in life that we would never wish on our worst enemies. However, this TSA line in Chicago seems like a fine way to punish our absolute worst enemies.

Downvote: The TSA is that entity that won’t stop until it has absolutely ruined everyone’s vacation. You really have to admire its dedication though.

Man Allegedly Drunk, Probably Wants Hugs:

TravelPulse’s Donald Wood informs us that a man whose actions diverted a plane in March has pled not guilty.

The story goes that the man showed signs of being drunk, locked himself in a bathroom and then demanded attendants shower him with hugs.

Downvote: This is an unfortunate story for those on the plane that had their time wasted. However, we do now have a sobriety test that is tied to the amount of hugs the person in question demands from surrounding officials. So, there’s that.

Rolls-Royce Luxury In Your Hands:

Rolls-Royce unveiled its luxury line of suitcases recently, highlighting carry-on luggage that retails for nearly $46,000.

Downvote: Unless opening the bag transports you to a distant land this is probably too much to spend on luggage.


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