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Upvote/Downvote: MLB Menus, Sharks and Airplane Mishaps

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | April 01, 2016

Upvote/Downvote: MLB Menus, Sharks and Airplane Mishaps

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This week people forgot how airplanes work.

That’s essentially what we learned as one woman darn near opened the emergency door on a plane and another thought he would open a yoga studio in the aisle.

Thankfully, there are some things to rejoice this week. For example, you are now free to roam the country eating insane amounts of food at MLB stadiums.


A woman with no patience and a seriously troubling sense of direction thought the emergency door on a China Southern Airlines flight was the bathroom, accidentally deploying the evacuation slide.

Downvote: This was one of those magnificent fails that come along once in a generation. Not only is the emergency door peppered with obvious signs that it’s an emergency door, but context clues alert you to the fact that it leads outside the airplane.

Sometimes You Just Have To Yoga:

As CNN reports, a man with a severe case of inner peace let that personal calm spill out into an absolute need to do yoga aboard United Airlines Flight 903.

The man reportedly got violent and stated that he just wanted to do some yoga instead of take his seat.

Downvote: The passenger obviously had to be removed from the flight, which took place after the plane returned to Hawaii. There is no excuse for such tomfoolery.

However, we wonder what would have happened if the flight attendant looked him in the eye and demanded, “Alright, you have two minutes for downward facing dog and that’s it.”

Sleep With The Sharks:

Airbnb continued its long list of wacky places to lay your head with this week’s Aquarium de Paris sweepstakes, which promises the winner a stay underwater from April 11-13.

Upvote: We always wanted to feel like James Bond, and sleeping in a nifty enclosure with sharks swimming around should do just fine.

MLB Madness:

That is the Burgerizza, and it’s the best we humans could come up with as far as culinary accomplishments. It’s also just one of the many new menu items around baseball this season.

Upvote: Much in the way that money has no real value the second we enter an amusement park, we forget the caloric value of food the instant we enter a baseball stadium.

We can’t wait for that blissful ignorance that comes with another glorious Opening Day.


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