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Upvote/Downvote: Uber, Airbnb Dorm Rentals And More Wacky Things This Week

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | February 05, 2016

Upvote/Downvote: Uber, Airbnb Dorm Rentals And More Wacky Things This Week

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This was a week for innovation and change—although some innovations made more sense than others.

Welcome back to another week of upvoting and downvoting, where we highlight a few stories and get as opinionated as teenagers laughing at bystanders at the local mall.

This week has us looking anew at Uber as well as the way in which we sit idle on an airport’s tarmac.

There are also some valuable life lessons below, such as whether or not you should rent out your dorm room.

Uber Facelift:

Uber decided that it had outgrown its black-and-white logo and opted to adopt a more tech savvy color scheme.

Downvote: Uber ditched the iconic “U,” which stands for, you know, Uber, and replaced it with something that looks like a bagel that is damn near cut all the way through.

Why would you cut only half the bagel, Uber? Why?

According to the above redesign, your company’s logo doesn’t have to represent the company at all. Just make sure you infuse it with pretty colors.

Yeah, You Can’t Do That:

As TravelPulse’s Patrick Clarke discovered this week, one enterprising Emerson College student decided to sublet his dorm room on Airbnb.

Downvote: We really wanted to upvote this from the sheer ingenuity of a student who obviously didn’t want to spend one more minute in his dorm room.

However, we have to downvote this for the fact that at least three people found the modicum of space found in a dorm as the kind of Airbnb listing they wanted to rent.

That’s evokes the kind of sadness usually relegated to the moment a puppy is taken from a small child.

Unlimited Flying:

TravelPulse’s Josh Lew investigated the advent of subscription flying, which is like Netflix only instead of binge watching you binge travel.

Upvote: The model is expensive and caters to a very select demographic of corporate travelers and people with means.

With that being said, we will daydream of the day when we have said means to have a monthly subscription to rely on so that we can traverse the country on a whim.

Whims are fun.

The Great Green Jet:

Good guy airline easyJet is in the midst of creating a hybrid airplane that would take the petrol and noise out of taxiing.

Upvote: It seems that the biggest innovation on airlines in the last few decades is the amazing manner that seats have slowly begun to shrink. It’s really rather remarkable.

It’s refreshing to see some actually useful technology get embedded into every day travel. Perhaps this might start a green arms race of sorts among all airlines hoping to grab the headline as first truly green aviation pioneer.


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