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Upvote/Downvote: United Was All Over This Week of Hoverboards and Snacks

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | December 11, 2015

Upvote/Downvote: United Was All Over This Week of Hoverboards and Snacks

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Join us in acting like a judgmental Commodus and offer a thumb in whatever direction you like on some of the more noteworthy travel news this week.

Here is where we again take a look at the week that was and pass judgment like the omnipotent beings we are.

Of course, feel free to nominate a story or offer your own opinions where you see fit.

Hoverboards Don’t Work on Airplanes:

The war on the hottest and most ridiculous conveyance this holiday season has begun in earnest.

Delta, United, and American recently joined JetBlue, British Airways, Virgin America and Alaska Airlines in banning the completely mislabeled hoverboards, via The Verge.

Upvote: Seeing as how the airlines deem these contraptions a fire hazard, we will go ahead and support the ban.

However, we give these things a double downvote for not being actual “Back to The Future” level hoverboards. Also, we don’t think they work on water either, unless you have power.

You Get Free Snacks and You Get Free Snacks:

United Airlines, playing the part of Christmas morning Scrooge, is reversing its stance on free snacks. Now it will provide very small packages of food to grumpy passengers.

Upvote: Yay! Now being smashed between Mr. Stinky and Mrs. Armrest Hog won’t feel like a special kind of hell. Thanks, United.


An aerospace engineering firm came up with the amazing idea of a SkyDeck that sits on top of an airplane, acting like a super-sized window seat.

Downvote: While a couple of seats that we more than likely can’t afford is nice and all, we would appreciate a redesigned airplane that didn’t force us to snuggle with a bunch of strangers for six hours.

United is Feeling It:

United, feeling a bit of braggadocio this week, boasted that it will totally get you to your destination on time next year.

Upvote: At this rate, United may just announce they discovered the cure for jetlag and crying infants aboard planes.

They are now giving free snacks and promise to be more reliable, proving that doing the bare minimum can indeed be noteworthy in the airline industry.  


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