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Urinating on Hamburg Walls May Lead to Very Messy Sneakers

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | March 06, 2015

Urinating on Hamburg Walls May Lead to Very Messy Sneakers

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After coating several walls with special paint, Hamburg still has a public urination problem. Only it’s that the walls are the things doing the spraying now.

Granted, this is only a problem if you are one of the many unfortunate souls who decide to relieve themselves on a public wall.

The Guardian’s Ajit Nairanjan reports on an innovative solution to a rather disgusting problem. It seems a steady influx of tourists and local revelers throughout central St. Pauli’s red-light district has led to myriad boozers urinating on various walls around town.  

Who can be expected to hold it when you are having this much fun?

Well, officials came up with a brilliant plan:

IG St Pauli is a group that decided to get proactive in staving off would-be urinators with paint that would repel the refuse.

One member of the group spoke with Nairanjan and explained, “Prohibitions and fines do scarcely anything, so we decided to solve the problem our own way.”

The suddenly empowered member continued, “Now, St Pauli pees back.” To which we reply, print up the t-shirts, because that motto is as catchy as “What Happens in Vegas…”

The report explains the dark magic behind this ploy: “To do this, the group set about covering the lower walls of the Reeperbahn’s most heavily-frequented streets with an intensely hydrophobic (water-repelling) paint known as Ultra-Ever Dry. Liquids which come into contact with the paint apparently splash directly off the surface, right back on to their owner. The end result? Wet shoes and trousers for all these wildpinkler (“free pee-ers”).”

The paint should last up to a year, causing many a drenched sneaker around the area. Although there are signs that warn these walls could fight back at any time.

Though, as is noted, not all walls are marked. So you take your feet and your, um, relief valve into your own hands, literally and figuratively. In the end it’s probably best to hold it until you can find a restroom.

Those are those things invented to allay this kind of mess.

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