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WATCH: African Safari Guide Unloads on Clueless Traveler

Entertainment | Donald Wood | March 25, 2015

WATCH: African Safari Guide Unloads on Clueless Traveler

Taking a trip to Africa to participate in one of the world-famous safaris is the dream of many travelers, but there are clear dangers associated with walking through the wilderness and visitors must listen to their trained guides.

For those that don’t want to listen to the safari guide, be prepared to get yelled at.

As seen in the YouTube video posted by Nic During, a group of tourists are on a walking safari when they stumble upon a series of bushes with animal sounds coming from inside. The guide stops the group of travelers and tells them to stay together and keep quiet.

Almost immediately after issuing this warning, one of the travelers in the group—During identifies him as a German man—begins talking too loud and walking directly toward the bush with his camera snapping photographs.

The full video can be found here:

At first, the safari guide remains calm. He simply tells the tourist to keep his voice down again and warns him away from the group to stay with the others in order to ensure safety. The progression once again continues walking the trail, and guttural animal sounds can be heard from the foliage.

In one of the most shocking parts of the video, the disobedient tourist once again moves toward the bush and the guide is forced to physically grab him and pull him away. If there were wild animals in the bush, the man was tempting fate getting that close.

Just as everything calms down again, there is a sudden cut to the tour guide completely losing his mind and telling the belligerent traveler to shut up. The guide begins speaking a different language as he walks away from the group, but he clearly says he is going to get a jeep, likely to kick the man off the tour.

So what did we learn? Never get too close to wild animals while on Safari because both the wildlife and the tour guides in Africa can be intimidating.

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