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WATCH: Airbnb Spoils Marnie The Dog Rotten

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | September 30, 2016

WATCH: Airbnb Spoils Marnie The Dog Rotten

PHOTO: Meet Marnie the Dog, social media’s famed canine. (Photo courtesy Instagram/Marnie the Dog)

Anyone who might get upset at the thought of dogs and cats getting all the best tables reserved for them at a restaurant may want to skip this story.

Adweek reports on a recent Airbnb campaign that shed some light on a good cause while also promoting its own pet-friendly confines. It took a social media superstar in the form of Marnie the Dog (adorable images to follow) and put it up in a lavish Los Angeles mansion for the week.

We know you will be immensely happy for Marnie when you watch this cute video and not feel the least bit jealous about some canine who just had a better and more relaxing vacation than you did.

We know what you’re thinking, the tuck-in service may have been a bit excessive. Then again, we may now demand it during our next Airbnb stay.

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For those who use the Internet for work and not to scour for adorable pet pictures, Marnie is a social media giant that boasts two million followers on Instagram. Well, two million and one after we show you some images.



We should have warned you about getting a lifetime of cute in just a few images.

According to Adweek, it was Marnie the Dog that took to a Beverly Hills mansion for National Dog Week.

While the rest of you were giving your pups an extra scoop of chow, Marnie was living the high life with a butler and fellow dog. As the publication notes, the campaign did a number of things aside from make one dog feel like pure royalty.

The most important may have been Airbnb’s coinciding contribution to Muttville, which aims to, “change the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs and to create better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption and hospice.”

The ploy also managed to promote Airbnb’s inherent value as a service that often times caters to travelers that might have pets they need to bring along for the holiday.

Adweek states: “West Virginia is the pet-friendliest state, with nearly 40 percent of active listings that welcome them, and Italy is the most pet-friendly country, featuring nearly 110,000 pro-pet Airbnbs. (The U.S. comes second, with 92,000 listings.)”

With the service encompassing so many homes and lofts that promote a pet-friendly lifestyle, Airbnb may be that go-to solution for many who hate to leave Mittens or Mr. Barkington at home. As for this humble abode, you can see more images and even play the part of Marnie on your own vacation stop. You just need $6,000 a night according to its mesmerizing listing on Airbnb.

While you can enjoy it all for yourself, it does accommodate up to 16 guests with eight bedrooms. Presumably, you will need to tuck yourself into bed though.


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