Last updated: 11:00 AM ET, Tue November 01 2016

WATCH: Crocodile Drives Guests From Hotel Swimming Pool

Entertainment Patrick Clarke November 01, 2016

WATCH: Crocodile Drives Guests From Hotel Swimming Pool

PHOTO: A crocodile ruined a relaxing pool session in Zimbabwe last month. (Photo via Flickr/Peyman Zehtab Fard)

It turns out that even wild animals can't resist the hotel pool.

In a terrifying situation caught on surveillance video, a man and a woman were relaxing in a hotel pool in Kariba, Zimbabwe, when a crocodile swam up to them and attacked.

The man was able to hop out of the pool quickly but the crocodile gave chase to the woman as she swam to the edge. It appears the reptire made contact with her before another man was able to scare it away.

Fortunately, both the man and woman got away unscathed.

It's unclear exactly where the incident took place, but the time stamp on the footage shows it occurred Oct. 27. 

User Zimbo88 shared the video to YouTube one day later. As of Tuesday morning, the video has surpassed 100,000 views.

"The current weather situation in Zimbabwe remains very dry with little to no rainfall in the latter part of 2016," states the video's description. 

"This drought is causing Lake Kariba water levels to drop dangerously low and the natural ecosystem is being hugely affected, many fish are also being netted due to lack of governance and funding — in turn this is creating the crocodiles to search elsewhere for food and hence the tenacity of this particular juvenile Nile Croc!"