Last updated: 04:00 PM ET, Mon October 24 2016

WATCH: This Treehouse Hotel Is Disguised by Mirrors

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar October 24, 2016

WATCH: This Treehouse Hotel Is Disguised by Mirrors

PHOTO: It’s just fine if you can’t see this invisible tree hotel. (Photo courtesy Instagram/Raquel Colares)

We finally have that super-secret clubhouse high atop a tree we always wanted.

YouTube channel Insider introduces us to the Mirrorcube Treehotel in Harads, Sweden, which is as close as we will get to the invisible treehouse we envisioned as kids.

Just look at the brief video below and imagine all the super-secret meetings you could have had with your childhood pals. Ah, but you are adults now and only care about vacation destinations that offer comfort and luxury. Thankfully, according to the website, these particular accommodations offer both childhood whimsy as well as holiday comfort.

First, let’s dive into a tree house that is nearly impossible to spot from afar.

According to the website, this will be a snug fit for the family at dimensions that measure 4x4x4 meters, but these Swedish treehouse purveyors pack a bunch of luxury into a small space. Despite the tucked away look, you are getting nearly everything you would expect from another hotel room. 

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The website states: “The six windows provide a stunning panoramic view. A 12-meter-long bridge leads up to the tree room. The Mirrorcube offers excellent accommodation for two people with a double bed, bathroom, lounge and a rooftop terrace. Shower and sauna is located in two separate buildings close by. All our tree rooms (have) free WiFi.”

It’s also perfect if you happen to be a super villain launching a plan for world domination, because any nearby superhero will be at a loss finding you.

Now, this kind of unique experience will cost you. Accommodations for two run 4,900 kroner, which is about $549 per night, but how can you put a price on living out your dreams?