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Which Airline Has The Funniest Flight Attendants?

Entertainment | United Airlines | Barry Kaufman | March 25, 2016

Which Airline Has The Funniest Flight Attendants?

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By now, we’ve all heard the standard safety announcement so many times we could probably make the announcement ourselves. Exits are located somewhere close to the giant exit signs, the aisles light up in an emergency, help small children with the oxygen mask then do our own, and hang on to the seat cushion if the plane goes down in water.

Got it.

But if you think you’re sick of hearing the same announcement over and over again, how do you think the poor flight attendants feel? Countless times a day, they have to recite the same mind-numbing series of exceedingly simple directions to people who aren’t really listening. It’s enough to drive you nuts.

Fortunately for us, when the drudgery of repeating the same announcement over and over again finally causes flight attendants to snap, they tend to go off-script in the most entertaining ways.  We’ve scoured YouTube for some of our favorites, and invite you to suggest a few we may have missed in the comments.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The best part here is the slow build. His mug (and stylish twirl) at the five-second mark tells you that you’re in for a show, and he just gets more animated from there. By the time you’re at the 45-second mark, he’s doing slow-motion running/interpretive dancing to illustrate where the rows will be illuminated.


The tension. The drama. The flair. This spectacular performance blends the silent storytelling of Buster Keaton with the goofball physicality of Chris Farley in his prime. Also, I’m pretty sure he licks the seatbelt at the 18-second mark.

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United Express

What’s funny here isn’t the fact that he’s lip-synching to the announcement. What’s funny is how casually bored he looks while doing it. This is not something he’s doing as a performance. He’s not doing it for the camera. He’s doing it because he’s heard this announcement 12 times today and it’s broken him in a magically hilarious way.


Now we come to the gold standard in funny in-flight safety announcements. Southwest in general has cornered the market on the funny flight attendant, and Marty Cobb is their champion. The entire brief is a barrage of one-liners (“In the highly unlikely event that the captain lands us near a hot tub, everybody gets their very own teenie-weenie yellow Southwest bikini”; “If you’re traveling with small children … we’re sorry.”) This clip even landed her a guest appearance on "Ellen."

Honorable Mention: Delta

Delta is one of the few airlines to officially institutionalize the humorous in-flight safety demonstration, cutting out the attendant and opting instead to deliver the message through videos that seem to get weirder and weirder every time we fly Delta. This one keeps things wonderfully subtle, allowing passengers who are dozing off to slowly realize in their own time that something is hilariously amiss with the safety video.

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