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Why You Shouldn’t Panic About Tower of Terror Closing at Disneyland

Entertainment | Erik Yates | September 07, 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Panic About Tower of Terror Closing at Disneyland

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It’s been all over the news lately: The West Coast Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is closing on Jan. 7. It’s become one of the most hated things to hit the internet since the first Ghostbusters reboot trailer. While the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is closing, it’s not as bad as you may think; after all that iteration is closing, but the ride will live on.

Here’s why you shouldn’t panic.

The ride isn’t really closing: Yes, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is closing. But the ride as you know it will remain. How does that make sense? Well, like this. The ride itself is getting a makeover. It will no longer be “Tower of Terror,” instead it will be the titled “Mission: Breakout.” The ride will still be there, and you’ll still get that same feeling of panic as you’re dropped up and down in sheer panic.

It’s the first Disney Marvel Ride: While the ride will be losing the Twilight Zone moniker, it will gain the Marvel title, becoming a ride based instead on the hit film “Guardians of the Galaxy.” It will feature the same drops, but a different storyline.

It’s the first ride in a rumored Marvel land: Mission” Breakout is said to be in a section of Disney’s California Adventure that has no real theme, and is full of empty space and bad rides. This area will become a new section of the park, and could become home to an all new Marvel coaster, a Super Hero HQ and a few more surprises.

The one in Florida is safe… for now: The biggest concern that everyone has is that the beloved Florida version is closing as well. No, it’s safe. For now. The only ride closing is the California version. The license is rumored to be expiring, so eventually you’ll see the Florida version get a new theme as well, but for now only Disneyland will get a Guardian-fied version of Tower of Terror.

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It’s going to be cool: OK, so you’re complaining that you’re going to miss Tower of Terror. Chin up, because they aren’t going to leave you disappointed. You’re going to get a ride that will take you through a piece of the original film, and you’ll get “collected” by the Collector. You’ll run into Rocket Raccoon, who has broken out, and you’ll get saved by the Guardians.

Oh, that’s not enough? How about an amazing rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack? Still not enough? How about randomized drop sequences? Instead of just going up and down, as predictable as it is now, you’ll instead get dropped, picked back up, dropped again, and again…and possibly again. It will be a different ride experience every single time you ride it!

The Twilight Zone Story doesn’t make much sense anyway: Okay, it sounds like I’m nitpicking a bit, but the one thing that the original Twilight Zone hinged on was its sense of irony. You have a guy who wants time alone to read, when he finally gets it, his glasses break. You have a bit of a moral to go by, with a warning laced in. The story of the Tower of Terror completely whiffed on that.

You have the story of some innocent guests who are randomly struck by lightning in an elevator. You replicate that event. That’s it. There are other versions of the Tower of Terror that do it better, such as the Japanese version. That version stays away from Twilight Zone, and instead opts for an all new storyline altogether.

You still have time, and a cool event: If you’re panicking because you won’t get to ride it, don’t. You have until Jan. 7 to ride it, which gives you the entire Holiday Season. You also have a really cool event, just in time for Halloween. Beginning Sept. 9, after twilight (meaning dark) you will be able to ride the California version in complete and total darkness. You want to talk about freaky? There will also be a special photo station where you can get a picture of yourself “checking out” of the hotel.

While the California version will be missed, you can still venture to Orlando and visit the original and best version of the attraction. That version will stay open, and will allow guests to enter the “5th Dimension” before plummeting to your doom. While we love the ride, this change will be good. Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout will open in May of 2017.

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