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Writer Hits The Instagram Highway For A Fake Road Trip

Entertainment | Gabe Zaldivar | February 04, 2016

Writer Hits The Instagram Highway For A Fake Road Trip

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If you don’t actually like the idea of being stuck in a car for hours at a time, you need not worry. Apparently you don’t need to leave your house to actually take a road trip nowadays.

Vice’s Gideon Jacobs is in the midst of a rather compelling vacation at the moment, which is remarkable considering he is still home.

Jacobs writes: “...we no longer simply go places and photograph what happens. What happens is largely a function of what we photograph. Now more than ever, we author our lives.”

To that point, he has packed absolutely no bags and fired up absolutely no car to head out on an absolutely fabricated road trip.

Here’s an image of the very beginning: 

Jacobs explains in the caption to the above image: “Hey guys. Long story short, I've decided to load up my car (I don't own a car) and embark on a classic American cross country #RoadTrip (I'm not actually going to do this). So, for the next two weeks or however long it will take me to reach the Pacific, I will be sharing photographs of this beautiful nation (images not taken by me) and telling stories of the people I meet (I won't be meeting anyone).

I'll be posting at least once a day, so hopefully it'll feel like you're right there next to me (FYI: I'll be in #Brooklyn if you actually want to be next to me), sitting shotgun while we cruise west. The road trip is such an integral part of the great American ethos, and I can't wait to live out the tradition myself (on @Instagram). Looking forward to seeing all this great nation has to offer (digitally). #California, here we come (I am not coming to California)!”

It’s not an actual road trip, it’s an #InstaRoadTrip2016

Essentially, Jacobs is seeing the nation a few snapshots at a time, which is kind of how you all enjoy your own respective holidays, pausing memorable moments just long enough to snap off a picture.

Above image's caption: "DAY 4...I'm in #Valparaiso, #Indiana, and am feeling super thrilled to announce that I've secured corporate sponsorship for#InstaRoadTrip2016! After some back-and-forth, the nice people over at@OrvilleRedenbachers popcorn have decided to fund my project/journey, as they felt the idea of a non-IRL, Instagram-only road trip taken across these great United States was #OnBrand for them. The only stipulation in my contract is that I have to tag them at the end of each caption to help boost their Instagram audience, and maybe post a few pictures of popcorn along the way (the language of the contract is sort of unclear on this). This morning, I'm nursing a tough hangover here in #Valparaiso, as last night, the wonderful Zach Broffman,@OrvilleRedenbackers VP of Marketing and Communications, took me out for a night on the town. Here's Zach posing with the famous monument of old Orville,#TheKingOfPopcorn. Now, time to hit the road. Oh, almost forgot...@OrvilleRedenbachers"

Above image's caption: "DAY 5...I'm in #Woodstock, #Illinois, the town where #BillMurray made the amazing #FantasyComedy#GroundHogDay. Last night I was on a small walking tour of significant locations from the movie when I saw a crowd of people taking pictures of something. I walked over and saw that the commotion was surrounding these two lovebirds. Pictured here is Andrew proposing to Jennifer in the exact same spot that Phil (#BillMurray) and Rita (#AndieMacDowell) share an epic slow dance in the movie. Later, Jennifer revealed to me that she and Andrew had discussed getting married and, as Jennifer loves#GroundHogDay, she asked to be proposed to in the movie's most romantic location. Not pictured here: Me and all their #FamilyAndFriends capturing the magic moment. p.s. Jennifer said yes! p.p.s. @OrvilleRedenbachers"

It’s a mind numbing exercise that might inspire or confound. In any case, it holds a real value to Jacobs: “I mapped out my route and have been exploring all this great nation has to offer using photographs that have been geotagged in the locations I want to visit.”

America is right outside the door. You can simply walk out and explore what it has to offer.

Or, thanks to Instagram, you can kick your feet up, put a pot of coffee on and start swiping your way across the nation.


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