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Yellowstone Boasts A Section Called The Zone of Death

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar November 03, 2016

Yellowstone Boasts A Section Called The Zone of Death

  PHOTO: You normally don’t think of murder when you consider a Yellowstone getaway. (Photo courtesy Flickr/Kevin Saff)

Yellowstone National Park is a wonderful and welcoming place that attracts countless families to its gorgeous locale every year. It also boasts of an area where you can purportedly get away with murder.

Here at TravelPulse, we don’t condone offing your fellow human being because it’s rude, immoral and, well, wrong on so many levels.

Internet publication Vox recently explained a legal phenomenon on what is known as the “Zone of Death” at Yellowstone – a rare place presumably cut off by normal legislation due to its overlapping area into multiple states. We understand none of you are Dexters in the making, but you can now impress your friends with this awesome piece of trivia.

Things can get rather convoluted rather quickly, but we get a deeper dive thanks to Dylan Matthews’ article where he proffers a hypothetical situation that spells out how someone could possibly commit the most heinous of crimes and use the peculiarities of the United States Constitution and its articles therein to get away with murder. 

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A major issue arises when you consider where the crime is committed, in this case the 50 square miles of Idaho, and where a jury would be selected, which could very well be a location sans any citizens.

Matthews explains that all of this could be solved: “Congress could simply pass a law placing Idaho's portions of Yellowstone inside the District of Idaho. Montana's less of a problem, since a handful of people actually do live in its part of Yellowstone and could be summoned as a jury, but Congress might as well give Montana's portion of Yellowstone to the District of Montana too.”

So a portion of Idaho that rests in Yellowstone doesn’t actually boast any citizens, making it the perfect place to commit a crime.

Perhaps, to be on the safe side, maybe enjoy this 50-square-mile section through some binoculars.