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You Will Never Believe What Visitors Are Doing With Sake In Japan

Entertainment Gabe Zaldivar January 13, 2017

You Will Never Believe What Visitors Are Doing With Sake In Japan

PHOTO: You will actually need more sake to do this with the drink in Japan. (Photo courtesy Flickr/Rog01)

Aside from the time we fell asleep in a puddle of beer, we have yet to bathe in a ridiculous amount of alcohol.

That is pretty much what you can do in various areas of Japan. As Lonely Planet has discovered, 18 inns currently offer some form of sake bath for its guests.

Normally, it takes only a few ounces of booze to loosen us up. However, patrons in Japan have found that a bath’s worth of sake is just what the doctor ordered to melt the stress away.

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Lonely Planet even introduces us to Yunessun (Kanagawa), which one-ups its Niigata brethren by offering a wide complement of alcohol to wade around in.

Business Insider recently offered a spotlight to that very establishment:

Now some of you—the fun ones who make every party a blast—are probably wondering why anyone would swim around in sake for fun. The report states, “that amino acids in sake are good for moisturizing, softening and brightening the skin.”

The Japan News also highlights the area’s unique opportunities and states you can experience the service at places like Shiki no Sato Kikuya (Takanosu Onsen), Shiki no Yado Minoya (Yahiko Onsen) and Shun Kai no Yado Yumotokan Suiyo (Unohama Onsen).

As for testimonials, the website quotes one traveler who states: “I feel as if my skin looks brighter than before.” The unnamed enthusiast continues,  “I want to get sake for my bath at home.”

We now look forward to the weekend when we have the opportunity to return a youthful luster to our skin with bourbon or whatever else we have lurking at home.