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4 Haunted Airbnb Rentals to Book this Halloween

Features & Advice Patrick Clarke October 26, 2016

4 Haunted Airbnb Rentals to Book this Halloween

Photo courtesy of Thinkstock. 

There are plenty of haunted hotels for travelers to choose from this Halloween. But those looking to alternative accommodations like Airbnb this fall can also book themselves a haunted stay.

Whether it be a Civil War farm house or a cottage in one of America's most haunted destinations, these spaces are ideal for a getaway this time of year.

Haunted Castle House

 PHOTO: Missouri's Haunted Castle House. (Photo via Airbnb) 

Where: Brumley, Missouri

Nightly Rate: $435

Built way back in 1850, Lake of the Ozarks' Haunted Castle House was once home to a hospital and a funeral home. But nowadays it's available to rent for brave travelers and ghost hunters.

According to the listing, it's one of the most haunted homes in the Midwest and has hosted more than a century of paranormal activity. A three-hour drive from St. Louis, the house features two-foot-thick walls, so don't expect anyone to hear you scream.

Laura's Cottage

PHOTO: Laura's Cottage in Savannah, Georgia. (Photo via Airbnb) 

Where: Savannah, Georgia

Nightly Rate: $225

Arguably one of the most haunted destinations in America, Savannah, Georgia is full of scares, including Laura's Cottage

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Local ghost tours often pass through this 18th-century cottage in hopes of spotting Laura, the ghost that allegedly haunts the historic 1799 guest house.

Interestingly, the cottage was used in the filming of Robert Redford's 2010 drama "The Conspirator."

The Manor: Master Chamber

 PHOTO: The Manor in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Photo via Airbnb) 

Where: St. Paul, Minnesota

Nightly Rate: $57

Minnesota's Manor was voted as the most mysterious house in St. Paul. The Master Chamber is a private master bedroom that accommodates up to three guests, who will be greeted by a Doberman named Scorch.

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The castle house property is a short drive from Minneapolis-St. Paul and boasts an enclosed courtyard with a fire pit, ideal for telling scary stories.

Historic Civil War Farm House

 PHOTO: The Historic Civil War Farm House in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (Photo via Airbnb) 

Where: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Nightly Rate: $105

Another historic rental, Pennsylvania's Historic Civil War Farm House was a field hospital during the American Civil War, specifically the Battle of Gettysburg, which claimed the lives of more than 3,100 soldiers.

These days friendly ghosts are said to greet guests, who can rent one of house's bedrooms accommodating up to four visitors.