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5 Astounding Ways People Travel

Features & Advice | Cherese Weekes | July 26, 2016

5 Astounding Ways People Travel

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Becoming familiar with an unfamiliar destination involves some exploring. 

Sure, hopping on a train or bus or jumping in a cab may seem like ideal ways to get around, but there are some countries whose traditional modes of transportation will make some great passenger stories- even if it means rubbing elbows with locals on a decked-out jeep or sipping on beer while pedaling through a city. 

So if you find yourself in any of these next five destinations, ditch their conventional transportation means for a more unforgettable ride.

Philippines: Jeepney

Travelers have become well aware of this military-style jeep on the road, since they dominate the streets with their size and bold colors.

Jeepneys were originally introduced to the Philippines’ public transportation system when American soldiers abandoned them after defeating the Japanese army during World War II. 

Since then, the appearances of the jeeps have been spruced up with bright colors and they continue to be overcrowded with passengers every day.  That means travelers may have to endure being squeezed until they reach their destination. However, riding on a jeepney can be ideal if you’re traveling on a budget.

Thailand: Songathaew

Another brightly colored vehicle that can be easily spotted is the songathaew, which is Thailand’s version of a pick-up truck.  These open-back trucks are typically flagged down by passengers headed to the beach or urban areas of the country.

By climbing onboard and grabbing a seat on one of the songathaew’s benches, travelers are guaranteed an authentic Thai experience and the ultimate joyride. 

Just make sure you inform the driver of your destination before getting on in the case you enjoy the ride so much you forget to get off.

The Netherlands: Party bike

What happens when you combine the love of beer and biking together? You get the party bike, a large bicycle that doubles as a mobile bar that can carry up to six or more individuals. 

This bike ride makes for one boozy experience since riders can have a beer and drink it too while pedaling along The Netherland’s bike-friendly streets.  And best of all, you won’t have to worry about the dangers of drinking and driving, since party bikes are appointed a designated driver.

Dubai: Abra

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to explore the Dubai Creek, then set sail on the abra.  This small wooden water boat offers a bit of old world charm in the midst of Dubai’s futuristic skyscrapers. 

Within a few minutes and for the small price of  AED1 ($0.27), passengers are placed in the heart of Dubai’s vibrant shopping areas like the Textile Souk and Spice Souk since abra stations can be found nearby. Chartering an abra is also perfect for travelers wanting to see Dubai’s impressive cityscape.  

Australia: Katoomba Funicular

Australia’s funicular railway isn’t dubbed the Scenic Railway for nothing. 

After all, taking a ride along this track puts passengers on the steepest railroad incline in the world. Therefore, travelers should keep their eyes open since there is plenty of natural beauty to see, including the Blue Mountains as well as the Jamison Valley.

With an incline measuring an astounding 52-degree, taking a tour onboard this cable-wired tram is no ordinary feat, especially if you aren’t afraid to plummet into Australia’s lush landscape.


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