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5 Delicious International Dishes (With Disgusting Names)

Features & Advice | Cherese Weekes | July 07, 2016

5 Delicious International Dishes (With Disgusting Names)

PHOTO: Delicious stinky tofu. Don't let the name fool you. (Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)

Does the sound of lead pipe or stinky tofu make your mouth water? Probably not. But you just might be surprise by the delicious flavors these foods have to offer. 

Getting to know another culture can work up an appetite, especially when delicious aromas seem to be everywhere. It’s only when you find out the unusual, sometimes revolting, names of the dishes behind those aromas that you hesitate. But don’t, because it would be a pity to let your new favorite meal become lost in translation.

Barbados: Lead Pipe

Don’t expect to be chewing on a hard piece of metal when eating this Barbadian staple. 

Instead your palate will be tantalized by freshly grated coconut, spices, salt, sugar, and cassava flour baked inside of a hard pastry shell.

Lead pipe got its name from its thin rectangular shape, which usually measures about six inches.  In order to truly absorb its rich ingredients, this sweet bread tastes best when served fresh out of the oven.

China: Stinky Tofu

If you’re wandering along the dense streets of China and you notice a strange smell, you’re probably getting a whiff of stinky tofu, a popular local street food that is known for its pungent odor. 

Even though you’ll be obliged to hold your nose before sampling this Asian delicacy, you might be able to ignore the smell once you taste this fermented tofu cooked with delicious spices, sauces and prepared with vegetables, meats and occasionally seafood. 

Word to the wise: The stinkier the tofu, the better the taste. So don’t let its strong odor deter your appetite from being pleasantly satisfied.

Wales: Welsh Rabbit/Rarebit

Rabbit isn’t a dish many of us typically see on a menu, and you won’t see it served on a plate if you order the British dish, Welsh rabbit either.  In fact, the meal simply consists of hot melted cheese sauce poured on top of slices of toast.   

If your palate was expecting something more exotic, there’s no need to be too disappointed because a classic grilled cheese sandwich never gets old, no matter what the Welsh call it.

United States: Hushpuppy

Containing no actual puppy, this American delicacy is deliciously prepared when corn meal batter is deeply fried and shaped into small balls.

Its less-than-appetizing name is believed to have been coined during the Civil War by Confederate soldiers who prepared the treat for their dogs to keep them from barking.

Whether you find this legend to be true or not, many would agree that the hushpuppy is too good of a snack to just be considered dog food.

Italy: Priest Stranglers

Although many of us are avid pasta lovers, we don’t typically associate them with choking a priest.  But if you’ve had a taste of priest stranglers, locally known as strozzaperti, you may understand how this version of hand-rolled pasta got its unique name. 

According to legend, priests were so fond of the pasta dish their fast eating caused them to choke. This means you may want to consume this Italian dish slowly in order to avoid a fatal outcome like the priests, or better yet savor its Italian flavors.


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