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5 Unique Coffee Preparations From Around the World

Features & Advice | Cherese Weekes | July 13, 2015

5 Unique Coffee Preparations From Around the World

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Enthusiasts everywhere can attest that a cup of coffee does more than quench your thirst. There’s the assertive flavor, and, of course, the caffeine energy boost. And after scouting the globe, it became clear that not everyone obtains a caffeine buzz the same. For example, some cultures prefer its taste to be mixed with cheese while others choose to eat it like jello. So if you’re looking to add some international flavor to your coffee recipes, look no further than these concoctions:

Finland: Kaffeost

Cheese and coffee, together? That may sound like a strange combination, but it’s popular in central Finland, where it’s known as “kaffeost.” For a truly authentic experience, the cheese must be the juustoleipa variety. A chunk is placed in the cup, then hot coffee is poured in. As a bonus, the drink turns into an automatic snack since the cheese left at the bottom of the cup can be eaten once you’ve consumed the last drop of your kaffeost.

Japan: Coffee Jelly

You may think there are only two ways to drink coffee: hot and cold. Wrong. In Japan, coffee has been jelly-fied. All it takes is a mixture of sweetened coffee and gelatin, which is then typically poured into ice trays and chilled before consumption. It can be topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream for a tasty dessert.

Indonesia: Kopi Ende

As one of the biggest coffee exporters in the world, Indonesia is bound to have a unique way to enjoy a cup. Kopi ende’s unique flavor incorporates ginger that is toasted and brewed with the coffee beans, which can a delightful treat for coffee aficionados who are in need of some spice to jumpstart their mornings.

Spain: Carajillo

Drinking carajillo before heading into the office isn’t recommended, as this Spanish creation may contain rum, whisky, or brandy. After selecting the liquor of your choice, it is combined with cinnamon, lemon, and sugar in hot coffee. Your taste buds may automatically become hooked.

Italy: Iffogato

Coffee-flavored ice cream is a popular treat, but iffogato, an Italian creation, is easier to put together, since it is essentially espresso poured over ice cream. This one definitely does not require a journey to Italy to experience, but enjoying this indulgence while actually in the country will score major ambiance points.

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