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8 Museums To Visit On National Author’s Day

Features & Advice Lisa Iannucci November 01, 2016

8 Museums To Visit On National Author’s Day

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National Author’s Day is Nov. 1, a day on which book lovers profess their love for their favorite writers. Here are 8 museums that honor some of the best writers of our time:

Mark Twain: Samuel Clemens wrote “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” under the pen name of Mark Twain and the Mark Twain Museum in Hartford, Connecticut honors the life and the work of Clemens. Explore the 25-room home, his glass conservatory, and library and billiard room. It also includes an Aetna Gallery with a permanent exhibition on Twain's life and work; a rotating exhibition hall; a mini-documentary; a store, café and more.

Brontë sisters: If you own dog-eared copies of “Jane Eyre” or “Wuthering Heights” then you have to visit the Brontë Parsonage Museum in the United Kingdom. There are literary events, exhibitions and other programs on the sisters, Charlotte, Anne, Emily and Maria. The Museum library contains manuscripts, letters and early editions of their novels and poetry. 

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Ernest Hemingway: This Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum in Arizona was once the home of author Ernest Hemingway’s in-laws, Paul and Mary Pfeiffer. It was here where Hemingway wrote “A Farewell to Arms.” If you’re in Key West, Florida, visit the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, where the novelist lived and worked for more than a decade. Today, it is a National Historic Landmark.

Margaret Mitchell: Frankly, my dear, you should give a damn about taking this tour in Atlanta, Georgia. You’ll tour the “Gone With the Wind” author’s apartment. There are two exhibitions, including Margaret Mitchell: A Passion for Character, and The Making of a Movie Legend: Gone With the Wind.

Hans Christian Andersen:  If you’ve read your child such stories as “The Ugly Duckling” and “The Princess of the Pea,” you’ve enjoyed Hans Christian Andersen’s stories. Take time to visit the Hans Christian Andersen museum in Copenhagen, where you will hear about his life story and see a living history of the times.

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PL Travers: Next year, plan to attend the Mary Poppins: Celebrate the Art of Storytelling! Event on June 23- Sunday July 9, 2017 in Maryborough. Maryborough is the birthplace of Mary Poppins Author PL Travers. It’s practically perfect in every way!

John Keats: If you prefer poetry, then check out the house of John Keats. The Keats-Shelley House, located in Rome, Italy, is home to the works by Keats and other authors.

Stephen King: Bangor, Maine is the place to be to enjoy everything Stephen King. There are tours of this town where King has based many of his horror novels. You will see some of the places from The Barrens, The Standpipe and Birdbath. Of course, you’ll tour the cemetery where Pet Sematary was actually filmed as well as places that Stephen King has lived and you’ll see where he currently lives now.