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8 Tips for Getting, Staying Fit at a Hotel

Features & Advice Patrick Clarke February 25, 2016

8 Tips for Getting, Staying Fit at a Hotel

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Stress and fatigue are arguably the two most common symptoms of too much travel. But a grinding schedule that has you constantly on the go can also take a harsh toll on your body.

Fortunately, you don't need machines or a daily routine to get and stay fit while traveling. 

If you've got the will power, your next hotel stay will provide the rest. 

Stretch With a Towel

Flexibility is an often overlooked aspect of fitness, but stretching is important in preventing injuries and reducing pain brought on from travel. So before you do anything, be sure to loosen up.

Regardless of what type of hotel you're checking into, odds are it will have towels that can serve multiple purposes. Use them to stretch out your hamstrings, calves, chest and shoulders and then use them to dry off with later.

Explore Your Destination

Sure, the treadmills, bikes and weights can be found in the hotel gym. But you'll need far less motivation to take a walk around town and explore what lies beyond the walls of your hotel.

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Stand, Don't Sit

Although many business travelers work best from a desk, the key is to avoid sitting for extended periods of time. Stack your luggage on top of the desk to create a standing desk for your laptop to sit on or take frequent but brief breaks to get up and move around.

Your heart will thank you.

Snack Healthy

What you eat matters. But how and when are also important. Snacking on the right type of foods will keep you energized and focused throughout the day. Plus, you won't be as likely to overindulge during lunch and dinner. 

Fruits like apples are an ideal mid-day snack, and some hotels even provide them free of charge.

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Squat, Squat and Squat Some More

Squats are an incredibly simple exercise with tremendous benefits. When done correctly, they engage your full body.

What's more, they can be done anywhere. And unless you begin to incorporate jumping, you can rest assured that the guest staying below you won't despise you.


Like squats, push-ups are a simple and effective way to break a sweat and build muscle without taking up too much space or relying on equipment. 

If traditional push-ups get too easy or you get bored after only a few sets, put your feet up on the bed or a chair and try some inverted push-ups. These will target other muscles in the chest and arms you may be neglecting. 

Find a Program That Works

Earlier this month, Westin Hotels & Resorts announced a partnership with FitStar by Fitbit making it easier for guests to access customizable fitness programs.

DDP Yoga is another excellent option for hotel guests since it requires no running, jumping or lifting. Developed by fitness instructor and retired professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, the program combines yoga with traditional fitness elements, resistance and sports therapy. 


Sleep is paramount in the recovery process and not getting enough can have ill effects on not only your psyche, but your body. 

Do your best to limit the distractions inside your room at the end of the day. Turn off the cell phone and avoid consuming too much caffeine before you settle in. And remember, you aren't being lazy, you're being healthy.