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Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Closes New York City Office

Features & Advice March 18, 2011

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Closes New York City Office

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism will redeploy up to $600,000 annually into marketing programs after closing its New York City office, according to the ministry’s tourism director. The office was closed on Feb. 28, leaving the Plantation, Fla., office as the ministry’s only U.S. presence.

David Johnson, director-general, said in a Nassau Guardian interview that the decision to close the New York City office was made four years ago, because “the advent of the Internet” made the office obsolete; it had not attracted clients in person or by phone for some time. “The Internet totally restructured the way we interface with consumers,” he said.

The Bahamas previously operated tourism offices in cities including Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago. Taxpayer funds previously dedicated to U.S.-based tourism offices “will be redirected to other vehicles to reach customers more effectively, such as advertising online and on television,” according to Johnson.  New York City office employees will be given the option to relocate to the Plantation headquarters for deployment or redeployment, said Johnson. There were three employees at the New York office when it closed. For more information, visit