Last updated: 03:00 PM ET, Thu October 27 2016 Unveils 11 Value Thanksgiving Destinations

Features & Advice Gabe Zaldivar October 27, 2016 Unveils 11 Value Thanksgiving Destinations

PHOTO: It will be hard, but consider ditching the turkey for travel. (Image courtesy Flickr/Tim Sackton) is making it mighty hard not to ditch the normal family Thanksgiving dinner for a trip to amazing parts of the world with a list of some heavily discounted destinations.

We get it. There is nothing more intoxicating than the allure of that roast turkey smell wafting all over the house on that very special Thursday; but really, you are just going to feel like a bloated whale as you writhe in pain on the floor right after the meal anyway.

Plus, do you really want to sit down and hear an onslaught of opinions on Trump, Clinton or what Negan did to poor, well, you know?

The solution is quite simple. Take a trip thanks to some awesome savings. The website recently unveiled its “Thanksgiving Getaways,” which is a list of 11 destinations around the world that are currently offering great deals compared to this time last year, adding: “Those looking to fly out on Thursday, Nov. 24 – Thanksgiving Day – and return on Monday, Nov. 28, are finding double-digit savings over airfares from last year to many top spots.”

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Here is the list with how much decrease in airfare there is compared to last year:

London, England – 26 percent

Montego Bay, Jamaica – 22 percent

Mexico City, Mexico – 21 percent

Dublin, Ireland – 18 percent

Las Vegas, Nevada – 18 percent

Atlanta, Georgia – 17 percent

Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida – 16 percent

Portland, Oregon – 14 percent

Barcelona, Spain – 13 percent

San Jose, Costa Rica – 12 percent

New York, New York – 12 percent

Of course, this all means braving the busiest time of year at airports, but the rewards are quite evident. presents an eclectic bunch of destinations that will satisfy your hunger for travel as well as great food. And there is nothing more Thanksgiving than that. You can enjoy something akin to a Sunday roast in London while the rest of us are munching on the usual fare. You can let luck be a lady in Sin City with a really unique Turkey Day experience.

Or, you can just utilize the few days you have off and what are essentially discounted airfares to finally see Barcelona and all its splendor.

What we have here is tremendous value lurking online, and we are very thankful for that.