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Disneyland to Debut Fantasy Faire with Princesses on March 12

Features & Advice Mimi Kmet February 01, 2013

Disneyland to Debut Fantasy Faire with Princesses on March 12

Disneyland will debut Fantasy Faire, where guests can mingle with Disney Princesses, on March 12. The 15,000-square-foot village square is under construction in the space formerly occupied by Carnation Plaza Gardens, adjacent to Fantasyland and Sleeping Beauty Castle. Fantasy Faire will be an enchanting, immersive environment with fairy-tale buildings situated around a main square. From the square, visitors will enter Royal Hall, where three princesses, each in a separate room, will meet, greet and pose for photos with them. Disney photographers will do the honors, and guests can also take their own pictures.

Another highlight is the Royale Theatre, an outdoor venue where a vaudevillian duo named Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones tells the stories of “Tangled” and “Beauty and the Beast” with the help of Rapunzel and Belle, in a fun and humorous way, with music and dance. Audience members will be encourage to root for the heroes and sneer at the villains.

“I like to call it Renaissance vaudeville,” said Christopher Utley, show director for Disney Entertainment, during a press preview of the attraction. A total of six shows, each lasting 15 to 20 minutes, will be presented each day; in between shows, the actors will mingle with guests.

Whimsical design touches will include Geppetto’s cat Figaro, who dozes and occasionally wakes up on a window sill, and Clopin’s Music Box, an interactive toy representing the Feast of Fools from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

The main square will feature a sculpture of the Tangled Tower from “Rapunzel,” with the damsel peeking out from a window at the top and her hair wrapping around the tower, according to Michel Den Bulk, creative director. After dark, twinkling lights “dance” through the hair.

Fantasy Faire will also offer concessions, including Fairy Tale Treasures, selling princess dresses and other merchandise, and Maurice’s Treats, a food cart resembling the gypsy wagon owned by Belle’s father, which sells bread twists (cheese, chocolate, strawberry and almond cream) and the Boysen Apple Freeze, a slush drink.

In addition, within Fantasyland, a new show, “Mickey and the Magical Map,” will debut at the Fantasyland Theatre. The show will feature Yen Sid, the sorcerer, along with his apprentice mapmakers and Mickey Mouse. The story tells of how Mickey wants to help paint the map and becomes absorbed into it, going to far-off places represented in Disney animated films, complete with songs and production numbers from those films, according to Michael Jung, vice president of theatrical development for Disney Imagineering.

Mimi Kmet