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Going Nomad: How to Afford Long-Term Travel

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff November 10, 2016

Going Nomad: How to Afford Long-Term Travel

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Traveling around the world may seem like it would really break the bank, but you don’t have to have a lifetime of savings to make it work says CTV News

“The key, [families say], is planning and disciplined spending. Some manage to save only a little and then travel on the cheap. Others put aside money for years and then hit all the sights. Still others choose to work as they go,” notes Angela Mulholland. 

One family saves by not spending on lavish items and found it didn’t take long to have enough for an extended trip. 

We are not high-income earners, but we don't spend money on “things” - clothes, expensive cars, going out and regularly eating out/take away. We treat these sorts of things as treats, not the norm,” Rachael Millar tells CTV. 

One man traveling with his son works odd jobs to pay for ongoing travel. 

“I do a lot of digital nomad-type work as we travel: freelance writing and photography, blogging, medical transcription. When we lived in Honduras, I also taught scuba diving,” says Talon Windwalker. 

They also look for long-term accommodation that isn’t as close to tourist attractions to save money. 

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“To keep costs down, we house-sit in some places, do longer stays in Airbnb (having a kitchen really reduces your costs big time in most places), and if we plan on staying longer, we get a short-term rental. Staying in a place for a few weeks to a few months versus 3-5 days helps you save money,” Windwalker says. 

There’s always camping, which can be free in many places. 

“We have become low-budget experts. We don't splurge on anything. After the initial flight to our chosen destinations, our way of living is almost free. We always wild camp or stay with people, we never use other modes of transport. We only drink water and eat very basic but healthy food,” Peter and Petra tell CTV. 

If you are ready to go nomad, there are even more suggestions for how to pull it off here.