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Hotwire Just Found The Ideal Times To Travel This Summer

Features & Advice | Gabe Zaldivar | July 08, 2016

Hotwire Just Found The Ideal Times To Travel This Summer

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We understand you sit flummoxed in front of a screen wondering how you are going to pull off a summer vacation this late into the game.

Travel website Hotwire is here to help with its Travel Inspiration Indicator, which highlights the best times to travel during the hottest months of the year.

By now you are really contemplating a summer devoid of holiday jocularity, and that would be a shame.

It’s understandable with the smell of Fourth of July fireworks dissipating from the neighborhood. As Hotwire mentions, over half of American left paid time off on the table in 2015, via Project: Time Off.

That’s ridiculous if not understandable. Prices can be extreme when you consider flights, hotels and local restaurants. But Hotwire illustrates that there are little windows of which you can take advantage that may just have you spending a few days in stress-free luxury.

As for those windows, the graphic highlights several opportune times via Hotwire results: the last two weekends in August and just about the middle of September.

Getting a truly great deal is hard at this time of year, but the graphic featured on the PDF shows that most cities are kind to those timeframes.

We welcome you to pore over each city to see when you should target. For example, sweltering Las Vegas shows hot activity from interested parties from now until the end of the summer, but Aug. 23-30 is exactly the kind of week you should look at if you just have to get some gaming in.

Chicago is also extremely popular, but interest wanes and prices get far more favorable as the weather cools. Look at anything after Sept. 6 to get a good deal.

Now Hotwire didn’t just leave us with a nice graphic but also offers some wisdom from years prior, such as those cities offering the best deals from July-September.

Las Vegas, San Diego, Houston, New Orleans and San Antonio are just some locations where you can actually track down nights under $67 (three to five-star rating).

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We really want to show you that impromptu trips can be had, even during the most popular travel months.

Hotwire pored over its data and found that those intrepid travelers who took sudden trips chose the likes of Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Austin for their previously unplanned holidays.

It makes sense when you consider these are major cities in warm areas, which means their accommodations should be plentiful and activities for summer fun should be prolific.  

The Inspiration Indicator also offers some great tips you might want to wiggle into your bag of travel tricks.

For example, plugging Sunday into the itinerary and departing on Monday night or Tuesday morning could save you big time on hotel accommodations or airfare respectively.

Regardless, there’s no need to be exasperated that you haven’t yet locked down a holiday for the summer. There is still time for fun in the sun. And hopefully the above proves sticker shock shouldn’t deter you from an otherwise great time.


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