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How to Create the Perfect Digital Travel Diary

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff December 01, 2016

How to Create the Perfect Digital Travel Diary

Photo courtesy of Thinkstock. 

“My phone is constantly running out of memory. It’s full of apps and music, sure, but the bulk of the bloat is photo­graphs. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” writes Scott Dadich, editor-in-chief of Wired

When it comes to documenting his travels, he takes photographs and his Instagram feed seriously. 

“I edit and design my Instagram feed … well, I’d say “carefully,” but “obsessively” might not be wrong,” writes Dadich. 

He likes to show off the fun parts of his job with pictures of vacations, family and friends and cocktails. 

“I like the memories, and—designer talk now—human beings break up the grid. So do #cocktail hero shots,” says Dadich. 

He also breaks up the boredom of long flights with some in-flight photos — but not too much. 

“Go easy on the posts from 35,000 feet: Unless it’s a truly exceptional cloud formation or a unique way of looking at our planet, odds are we’ve been over all that ground before,” he suggests. 

Dadich pays a lot of attention to how his overall Instagram feed looks too. 

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“Some of my favorite Instagram feeds follow a rigorous formula. (I know a lot of photographers.) I consider the overall flow. Too landscape-­driven? Get some architecture. Too many greens and blues? Find some warm color,” Dadich says. 

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