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How to Feel Your Best While Traveling for the Holidays

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff November 24, 2016

How to Feel Your Best While Traveling for the Holidays

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Have you ever wondered how some people look positively radiant even after a long-haul flight? The secret may be in how they travel, says Amber Bodily on Mind Body Green

“I travel regularly for work, so when the holiday season rolls around and I'm taking three kids along with me, it takes a lot of effort to keep myself healthy enough to actually enjoy time spent with friends and family,” says Bodily, who has a few secrets up her sleeve for staying radiant while on the road. 

One way is to stay hydrated — and when it comes to how you do that, she recommends high-end water. 

“Do your own research sure to investigate water brands—some of them have added chemicals. When you drink high-quality water, you rehydrate, get your bowels moving, and help your skin glow,” says Bodily. 

She also recommends keeping your lymphatic system in check with movement. 

“No matter where you are — at the airport or your hotel — put your sneakers on and get walking, or pull out your yoga mat and get your stretch on. Hit the sauna, the bathtub, or the pool, and get some sun. These are all great ways to jump-start your lymphatic flow,” she says. 

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Getting outside is another way to beat jet lag. 

“When we travel, we can be stuck in airports all day long, deprived of daylight and breathing recycled air. Wherever you are—city or country—just get outside, smile at the sun, and breathe some fresh air. Research shows that just taking a walk in nature or a park can boost our mood and calm us down,” Bodily recommends. 

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