Last updated: 01:50 AM ET, Mon October 29 2012

Hurtigruten Ships Stranded in Norwegian Storms

Features & Advice Hurtigruten Theresa Norton December 27, 2011

Severe storms pounding Norway have forced at least two Hurtigruten ships to tie up in towns along its coastal voyage to wait out the snow. Norway was hit by snow Dec. 27 after another major storm — what was described as a “hurricane” — pummeled the region over the weekend.

According to online reports by Views and News from Norway, towns were flooded and some rail lines and highways were closed. The publication said there was hope that the cruises north and south from Trondheim could resume on Dec. 27. Earlier, Norwegian news agency NTB said two Hurtigruten ships were stranded in Trondheim, with about 400 passengers. Hurtigruten’s U.S. headquarters did not immediately respond to a query about the situation.