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Red and Blue Divide: Politicians Can't Even Agree On How to Travel

Features & Advice | David Cogswell | April 29, 2015

Red and Blue Divide: Politicians Can't Even Agree On How to Travel

Infograph courtesy of Hipmunk. Illustration via ThinkStock

Politics and business don’t mix. If you’re trying to sell something, opening a conversation about politics can really sour the mood.

But then again, if you know someone’s political leanings it could give you some insight into how they might want to travel.

Do Republicans and Democrats travel differently?

To answer this question, the travel site Hipmunk surveyed 1,000 randomly selected subjects who identified themselves as Republican or Democrat and then tabulated the results.

Turns out some distinct differences between the two categories showed up in the data.

Among Republicans, 36 percent prefer beach destinations, as opposed to 22 percent of Democrats.

But 21 percent of Democrats prefer urban retreats, compared to only 9 percent of Republicans.

Thirty-five percent of Democrats said their favorite activity was taking a walking tour. Only 24 percent of Republicans chose walking as their favorite activity. Forty percent of Republicans said “relaxing by the pool” was their favorite vacation activity. Only 19 percent of Democrats said the same.

When it comes to transportation to the airport substantial differences appeared. Sixty-nine percent of Republicans drive to the airport; 8 percent take public transportation; 9 percent take Lyft or Uber and 14 percent use some other mode of transportation.

On the Democrat side, 50 percent drive to the airport; 17 percent take public transportation; 15 percent take Lyft or Uber; and 18 percent use some other unnamed form of transportation.

Nineteen percent of Republicans exceed carry-on baggage limits, as compared to 27 percent of Democrats.

Forty-eight percent of Republicans avoid airplane bathrooms as compared to 39 percent of Democrats.

Accommodation was another area that showed a marked difference between Republicans and Democrats. Among Republicans, 30 percent prefer boutique hotels; 28 percent opt for luxury; 24 percent prefer resorts and 18 percent fall into the mysterious “other” category.

On the Democrat side, 50 percent prefer boutique hotels; 16 percent prefer luxury properties; 16 percent prefer resorts and 18 percent choose the “other” category.

When it comes to packing, 46 percent of Republicans fold their clothes into squares as opposed to 39 percent of Democrats. More Democrats roll their clothes, 49 percent versus. 41 percent of Republicans.

As to the types of passengers they don't like to sit next to, 10 percent of Democrats don't like to sit next to “armrest dominators” while only 5 percent of Republicans lodged the same complaint.

Thirty percent of Republicans have paid to sit in first class versus only 22 percent of Democrats.

Republicans are more loyal to hotel brands, 29 percent of Republicans versus 21 percent of Democrats.

The Republicans' favorite hotel perk is free breakfast, named by 46 percent of Republicans versus 36 percent of Democrats.

The Democrats' favorite hotel perk is free, fast wi-fi, listed by 37 percent of Democrats versus 30 percent of Republicans.

Eighteen percent of Republicans choose hotels based on the offerings and amenities versus 9 percent of Democrats.

Forty-nine percent of Democrats choose their hotels based on positive reviews and reputation versus 42 percent of Republicans.

Democrats are more likely to travel solo, 16 percent of Democrats versus 9 percent of Republicans.

Republicans are more likely to travel with family, 32 percent of Republicans versus 23 percent of Democrats.

Take a look at the full results below:



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