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Review: The ROBOCOPP Sound Grenade (and Three Reasons It's Great for Travelers)

Features & Advice | Jennifer and Mark Campbell | September 14, 2016

Review: The ROBOCOPP Sound Grenade (and Three Reasons It's Great for Travelers)

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The ROBOCOPP Sound Grenade is a great alarm for your personal safety, and just so happens to be the world's smallest.

This gadget is especially useful for those of us who like to get out there and enjoy our world whether exploring new places, attempting new adventures or enjoying nature.

How does it work?

To start the alarm, simply pull the pin (connected to the carabiner) away from the rest of the device. The alarm begins ringing instantly and will stop when the pin is reinserted.

Why would I need one?

There are many reasons why a personal alarm would be useful. Here are a few reasons why it would appeal to a traveler:

1. Exploring new areas. If you're out and about by yourself, or even exploring a new area as a couple, the Sound Grenade can provide peace of mind. While it won't come to life and perform kung fu, the powerful alarm can be activated quickly if you are in trouble, which will alert those around you to come to your aid, or at least deter an assailant from pursuing you. Remember that there is more good than bad in this world, but it's better to be prepared.

2. Deter animals from approaching you. The loud sound is not easily tolerated by animals. Our dog and two cats are having no part of the Sound Grenade. If it's loud to us, I can't imagine what it sounds like with their big furry ears! This could be useful while camping in the wild or if an aggressive animal approaches you.

3. To alert your travel companions. If you become injured or separated from your party while on a hiking or camping trip (or other adventure!), the Sound Grenade could lead someone to your aid.

Carry the Sound Grenade with you:

• In your pocket or bag.

• By attaching the carabiner to your backpack, purse, belt loop, keychain or carry-on bag (It's TSA approved, so it can go on that flight with you).

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A few other points:

Remember that the Sound Grenade is not a toy. It should be treated as an emergency device. Be mindful of those with sensitive hearing (including your pets) if you test out your device.

The sound didn't really HURT my ears, but I could still feel a pressure once the device was silenced again. If you are actually in an emergency situation, the sound needs to be this loud to carry (according to the ROBOCOPP website, the sound is the same level as an ambulance's siren). With the pin removed, the alarm will continue for 30 minutes, but, believe me, I got the idea of what this thing can do after a split second!

According to the packaging, the battery, which is included, will last for a year, but should be tested once a month.

I feel like the Sound Grenade is quite sturdy and should last a long time. While the pin would be easy to yank out in an emergency, I can't see it coming out accidentally. It does take a bit of pressure to pull it out.

We know that it does just fine here in the humid Mississippi summer heat. According to the ROBOCOPP website, the device will function properly from 14-104 degrees F (-10 C to 40 C) and is water resistant.

Please view the warning and information at the bottom of the Sound Grenade information page on the ROBOCOPP website before ordering (The statement includes that no one can guarantee that a person or animal will be deterred by the device, that you should always have a backup plan, you should always be aware of your surroundings and don't go looking for trouble, etc.).

As always, we can only present our own experience with the device. There is no guarantee that your experience will be the same as ours.

What do you think of this personal alarm? What other ways could the Sound Grenade be useful? Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you had a personal alarm while traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

NOTE: We received the Sound Grenade from ROBOCOPP free of charge in return for our review, but know that all opinions are our own and honest. We would not recommend any item to our readers if we didn't want to use it ourselves.

This story originally appeared on the Just Chasing Rabbits blog.


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