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Rolls-Royce's Insanely Beautiful Luggage Is Only $45 Thousand

Features & Advice | Gabe Zaldivar | May 10, 2016

Rolls-Royce's Insanely Beautiful Luggage Is Only $45 Thousand

Photos courtesy Rolls-Royce

Why on earth would you embarrass yourself by walking around the airport with luggage worth hundreds when you can lug around with bags that cost thousands?

That’s a question, we presume, an actual person who owns Rolls-Royce bags might ask.

The answer is, of course, because you aren’t a ridiculous person who spends ungodly sums on what is essentially stuff that you use to carry other stuff.

But if you are in the market for luggage that costs as much as an actual automobile, you are in the lucky section of this here Internet.

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Rolls-Royce (h/t Lonely Planet) unveiled some truly stunning luggage pieces that complement its equally gorgeous Wraith.

If you are in the market for a Wraith, then you have impeccable taste and we congratulate you on all of your success. But you do have the absolutely unenviable position of being in a demographic that now has to upgrade the luggage currently sitting in your undoubtedly enormous closet. Thankfully, the manufacturer now sells luggage that will run you $45,854.

Yes, that costs about as much as a car or a trip around the world, but you really can’t quibble when you are talking about stitching.

As promised, you can tailor each bag to the specification you desire, which is the kind of service nearly fifty grand will get you.

Now the price, unfortunately, doesn’t get you a charging station or built-in Bluetooth technology. Heck, it doesn’t even guarantee that people will openly weep as you walk by them on your way to your gate, as they should.

It does get you the kind of craftsmanship that will make you the life of the party the next time you explain why you just dropped the kid’s education fund on luggage: “The handles have been designed to ensure an even weight distribution, meaning no undue pressure is placed on the hand. An invisible stitch, a skill honed in the world of Haute Couture and used on the steering wheel of Wraith, has been applied to ensure a perfectly smooth and tactile finish.”

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Michael Bryden, Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer, offered an assessment on what is truly the apex of bag design: “The Wraith Luggage Collection consists of six pieces, each carefully considered to reflect the unparalleled design aesthetics of Rolls-Royce motor cars. The latest technologies and materials are blended with traditional crafts and techniques, leading to an elegantly executed and thoroughly contemporary luggage collection, designed exclusively for Wraith, the ultimate gentleman’s gran turismo.”

There are other items that you are sure to enjoy, such as the perfectly balanced bags that will feel amazing in your hands – as if you plan on carrying them. And there are wheels that make travel seamless – as if you actually plan on pulling these babies through TSA.

Sadly, we are not quite ready to forego a down payment on a new home for a really beautiful luggage set.

For the moment, we will travel the world, hopping from one hotel to another with our normal luggage. The smiles that previously adorned our ignorant faces has now been replaced by the kind of sorrowful expression from people who know what they are missing.


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