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The 6 April Fools' Day Travel Pranks We're Not Falling For

Features & Advice | Patrick Clarke | April 01, 2015

The 6 April Fools' Day Travel Pranks We're Not Falling For

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April Fools' Day pranks and hoaxes have been around for centuries, but thanks to the Internet and the recent emergence of social media, the travel community has become a popular target every spring. 

In case you've been too busy planning jokes or being pranked for simply forgetting that it's April 1, here are some of the top travel gags floating around the web.  

SkyMall Becomes ChiveMall

With the bankrupt airline catalog having been in the news a lot lately, it was only appropriate that theCHIVE announced the sudden purchase of SkyMall.

The inflight catalog, ChiveMall, promises to no longer sell cat-related accessories. 

Even though this was an obvious prank from the beginning, credit theCHIVE with going so far as to update SkyMall's Wikipedia page to reflect the purchase.

"On April 1, 2015, entertainment website theCHIVE purchased SkyMall LLC," stated the page's History section on Wednesday. "The acquisition of SkyMall was made through an issue of SkyMall in which the company listed itself as a product available for purchase."

Photo via theCHIVE

Virgin Moves to Branson, Missouri

With all due respect to the people of Branson, Missouri, a city of 10,000 people located in the Ozark Mountains doesn't quite compare to New York or London when it comes to headquartering a business. 

In a video accompanying a post released on this week, Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson details future business ventures in the small town upon learning that his great-great-uncle Reuben S. Branson founded it back in the 19th century.

Given the overall production value and the cameo appearance from Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley, this one might top the list. 

Qantas Adding 'U' to its Name

Since Qantas and "Quantas" sound exactly the same, the Australian airline must've figured it had nothing to lose when it decided to put "u" in its name on Wednesday.

Complete with a screenshot of a Qantas aircraft bearing the new name, users caught on quick to Wednesday's post on Qantas' official Facebook page, acknowledging the prank in the comments section within minutes.  

STA Travel's New Mobile Dating App

With a heavy dose of inspiration from popular mobile dating app Tinder, STA Travel announced the launch of its own dating app for single travelers called STAnder.

The seemingly phony press release featured a statement from customer relations director "Una Niteonly" and described an app very similar to Tinder in that users would have to swipe a "like" button in order to determine a match. 

Leaning Tower of Luxury Accommodation

The idea of Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa being turned into a luxury hotel is about as believable as any hotel being named 3.99 Degrees. 

Nontheless, The Telegraph reported on Wednesday that Italian authorities were being criticized for a proposal that would help bring money into the local economy by renting out various levels of the famous landmark, with the sixth-floor Galileo suite going for €50,000 ($53,925) a night.

"The tower has been offered to an anonymous Dubai investment firm on a 50-year lease," writes Oliver Smith.  

Nothing says luxury like a lack of plumbing. 

UberBOATs Coming to Bangkok

With the Chaopraya River and numerous canals running throughout the city of Bangkok, boat travel is very real. However, something about floating taxis transporting customers on the streets of Bangkok seems far less believable.

An Uber blog post published this week encouraged customers in the Thailand capital to enter the promo code "HELPIDONTLIVEONAHILL" in order to save on an UberBOAT.

But remember, "UberBOAT reserves the right to decline prickly riders."


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