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The Best of Reddit's /r/travel This Week

Features & Advice | Barry Kaufman | June 03, 2015

The Best of Reddit's /r/travel This Week

We’ve made no secret about our love for the /r/travel subreddit here on TravelPulse, whether it’s sharing some of its best advice on traveling to Europe, relating the infamous story of the “no fun tourist,” or stumping for travel agents to get in there and spread the gospel (advice which was heeded by one agent with surprising results).

Essentially, it’s an online alleyway off of the mammoth community that is Reddit dedicated to all the travel junkies out there. Whether they’re sharing their amazing photos from their journeys, hitting each other up for advice or just sharing the latest news, we look at the Redditors of /r/travel and think, “These are our kind of people.”

Which is why we’d like to take a moment and scour the top posts of the /r/travel subreddit from the last week to bring you some of our favorites.

Hi_Im_Frank shares “Mountain Bridge near Locarno, Switzerland.”

Redditor Hi_Im_Frank shared this gorgeous photo, earning a ton of upvotes in the process. To his photo, he added, “Fun fact: the dam near this bridge is the Verzasca Dam. You can bungee jump off of it if you're into that kind of thing.”

Redditor arborday had our favorite comment of the thread, adding as the voice of reason: “Well that's beautiful. So I've never been there and I have to ask, the two guys in the swim trunks about to jump off... Is that a good idea? On one hand, I understand the impulse because jumping off things is cool but on the other hand that water doesn't look too deep.”

Michelaudet shares “Interesting Road Trip Ideas From USA's National Parks Twitter Account”

This one’s a spectacular infographic from the National Park Twitter account, viewable in full here.

One redditor, IPDaily, pointed out a lack of Midwestern parks, to which redditor criscokkat added, “That's because there are very few here. However Apostle Islands National Seashore (WI), Isle Royale National Park (leaving from WI or MI,) Pictured Rocks National Seashore (MI), River Raisin National Battlefield (MI), Dayton Aviation Heritage Park (OH), Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site (KY), Mammoth Cave National Park (KY), Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial (IN), George Rogers Clark National Historic Park (IN), Mammoth National Park (KY), Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (MO) makes a good road trip. It's a mix of beautiful scenery and historically significant sites. But yeah, we're the flyover states without mountains.”

Also underrepresented on the infographic was the South, which redditor LawHelmet amended beautifully with this itinerary: “Here's an excellent one, take state or federal roads, but not interstates. It'll take longer, but it's better this way and you're in the South. Slow your roll. Make your way as follows: Annapolis, MD, Richmond, VA, Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA, to the highlands and mountains (notice you leave the CSA flag behind now) thru Macon to Atlanta and Dahlonega to Chattanooga then back thru the mountains thru Alabama's state roads to Mobile. The South's coast, skipped by the graphic. The Blue Ridge Parkway is amazingly beautiful. Top Gear was doing a special, but it was 35 so they abandoned it. Some is 45.”

Walkeezy shares “My favourite place on Tenerife and easily one of the most beautiful pools in the world: Piscinas Naturales De Garachico”

When redditor TonyAbbottPBUH pointed out “You clearly haven’t been to Australia,” redditor SourCreamWater was quick to rebut: “You clearly haven't been to the United States, the Caribbean, Belize, Jamaica, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia, Seychelles, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, etc. There are gorgeous pools all over the world. Just let the guy enjoy his rad pool without being the ‘one up’ guy.”


Liberalguy123 shares, “Last week, I took a short trip to Ukraine to see Chernobyl and the abandoned town of Pripyat. I also visited Kiev and Odessa. Here are some pictures.”

One redditor took the ultimate adventure hike through the irradiated wasteland of Chernobyl, sharing a full gallery of image here.

He added to the discussion, “I did the tour with Chernobyl-Tour. I think they were great. Kiev was cool, a pretty big bustling European city. I did like Odessa more though. I think it had more character. Language barriers were the hardest in Ukraine out of the 30+ countries I've been to. Definitely worth learning some Russian and Ukrainian phrases. I learned to read the Cyrillic alphabet too, which was a big help.”

NotLaFontaine asks, “Is there a type of traveler you can’t stand?”

This one actually cross-posted from, one of the many “self” subreddits devoted to starting a conversation on a given topic. The response shows a hilarious cross-section of obnoxious travelers.

“The ones who bring a guitar traveling with them, then they walk into a hostel common room and start playing while everyone is trying to have a conversation.” – sourcrude

“The hipster travelers. As in you're in Rome for the first time and they try to talk you out of seeing the Coliseum. I fully understand hidden gems are awesome, but if I'm in Rome for the first time, I want to see the Coliseum. A better way of talking to fellow travelers is ‘Hey after the Coliseum, make sure you check out XYZ’ Same for Times Square, yeah it's tacky… but people coming to New York for the first time want to see it. Don't tell people ‘Don't go to Times Square,’ instead tell them to cool stuff to do after the 20 minutes of it being entertaining ends.” – 16semesters

“I remember sitting in a hostel once with a group of people of different countries and ages, discussing adventures. It got to the point where people stopped listening and were so determined to shout all the places they've been to... ‘This one time in CHINA,’ ‘This one time in BOLIVIA,’ etc. We've all been and seen different things, sometimes people need to take a step back and listen to other's stories instead of trying to impress them with the list of countries they've been to.” - Robbythebobby

“Those speak about how cheap they did something like a badge of honor. ‘I was in a hostel for a month. It was great, I traveled on $4/ day including food and a bed". Yeah well, I spent a little more, was comfortable, and saw some sites. You know, actually enjoyed myself.” - texas_hedge

Johnnyweber shares “Some highlights from my trip to Antigua, Guatemala”

Another imgur gallery, this time showcasing some breathtaking sights in Antigua Guatemala. Check out the full gallery here.

When asked how expensive the trip was, Johnnyweber was totally honest: “Cheap, but not SEA cheap. I would definitely miss the creature comforts of home. Plus, my digestive system did not entirely agree with Guatemala.”


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