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The Top Destinations to Escape to After the 2016 Election

Features & Advice Patrick Clarke November 04, 2016

The Top Destinations to Escape to After the 2016 Election

PHOTO: London's Buckingham Palace. (Photo via Flickr/traveljunction)

While it's quite possible some Americans will pack up their belongings and move elsewhere following next week's presidential election, it's more likely that most will be looking to temporarily escape the circus that the 2016 election cycle has become. recently analyzed search data following the third and final presidential debate last month to see which destinations are piquing Americans' interest amid this year's horse race.

Mexico and Canada stand out, sure. But don't sleep on Europe.

Here are four of the top destinations to escape this year's election. 

Montreal, Quebec

PHOTO: Montreal, Quebec. (Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)

According to, interest in travel to Canada was booming after last month's third and final presidential debate, with searches on the site increasing by 40 percent compared to the same period in 2015. recommends Montreal as the top getaway destination for travelers from New York City given the similarities between Central Park and Mount Royal Park as well as the plethora of restaurants to choose from.

What's more, the city is just a few miles from the U.S.-Canada border.

London, England

PHOTO: London, England. (Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)

The combination of Brexit and a frustrating election cycle have made the U.K. a popular destination among Americans.

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According to, searches on the site have increased by a whopping 62 percent year-over-year, and searches increased by 11 percent in the 24 hours following the most recent presidential debate.

The strength of the U.S. dollar makes London a no-brainer this fall, but recommends London specifically for Bostonians given both cities' unrivaled historic charm.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

PHOTO: Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by David Cogswell) 

Elsewhere in Europe, Amsterdam stands out as a premier election getaway destination.

Since the Oct. 19 presidential debate, Americans have searched for European, Middle Eastern and African destinations 50 percent more often compared to the same period last year, according to 

While the site recommends Amsterdam for Seattle natives since they share a love of biking and rainy days, the Dutch capital has plenty to offer travelers from all backgrounds, including the world's largest collection of Vincent van Gogh works.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

PHOTO: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. (Photo courtesy of Thinkstock) 

Mexico is high on Americans' list of destinations to escape to this fall.  Based on's data, searches for Mexico were up 107 percent the day after the final presidential debate (Oct. 20) compared to the same day last year.

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While you'd be hard-pressed to point out a flaw with Puerto Vallarta, recommends the resort town to Hawaiians given the two destinations' similar climate, world-class beaches and seafood prowess.

But you don't need to hail from the Aloha State to appreciate Puerto Vallarta this time of year.