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The Top Haunted Hotel Stays this Halloween

Features & Advice Patrick Clarke October 25, 2016

The Top Haunted Hotel Stays this Halloween

PHOTO: The Kahler Grand Hotel in Rochester, Minnesota. (Photo courtesy of 

With Halloween less than a week away, travelers are running out of time to book their holiday accommodations.

Sure, there are countless destinations worth exploring this time of year, but only a few where your hotel room will be the most haunted attraction around. 

With the help of, we've rounded up four of the top haunted hotel stays for 2016 — If you're not too scared.

The Queen Mary

PHOTO: The Queen Mary. (Photo courtesy of

Where: Long Beach, California

The iconic Queen Mary is set to receive a multi-million dollar makeover. Nonetheless the ship, which has been docked on the West Coast since the late 1960s, remains as spooky as ever. Even in 2016, Cabin B340, the smallest on the ship, is so haunted it can't be booked.

Biltmore Hotel

 PHOTO: The Biltmore Hotel. (Photo courtesy of 

Where: Coral Gables, Florida

To this day, the ghost of Thomas "Fatty" Walsh is said to haunt Florida's Biltmore Hotel. Even if you don't bump into his ghost in the hotel's elevator, you may encounter the ghost of a woman who allegedly jumped from the hotel in an effort to save her child.

Boston Omni Parker House Hotel

 PHOTO: Boston Omni Parker House Hotel. (Photo courtesy of 

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a destination with rich history, but also a haunted one. Guests looking for a scare this Halloween will want to consider a stay at the Boston Omni Parker House Hotel, where the property's original owner Harvey Parker is said to still roam the halls in ghost form.

What's more, rumor has it that other ghosts gather on the hotel's third floor and inside of room 303.

Kahler Grand Hotel

 PHOTO: The Kahler Grand Hotel. (Photo courtesy of 

Where: Rochester, Minnesota

Travelers exploring Minneapolis this fall can head southeast to the Kahler Grand Hotel, which is said to be haunted by heiress Helen Voorhees Brach, who went missing in 1977 after visiting the adjacent Mayo Clinic.

To this day, guests report seeing her ghost on the hotel's elevator.