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The Top Travel Worries (That You Shouldn’t Worry About)

Features & Advice Lisa Iannucci November 16, 2016

The Top Travel Worries (That You Shouldn’t Worry About)

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What are your top traveler worries that aren’t worth worrying about?

Many travelers go on vacation to take their mind off of their daily issues, but traveling can also bring about its own set of worries.

Candie Steinman lives in Florida, but half of her clients are from Minnesota, where she started as a travel agent. Minnesota, known for its harsh winters and ample snowfall, is often the cause of flight delays and cancellations. Travelers worry that they aren’t going to make their flights, connections or cruise ports on time, but Steinman said it’s not worth worrying about.

“Two things we have no control over are weather and flying to the port,” said Steinman, a Dream Vacations Franchise Owner and Vacation Specialist.

To help prevent any vacation mishaps, Steinman suggests that her clients prepare for the potential that something can go wrong. “I advise two things: always take insurance and try to go in a day prior, so there are no worries about getting to the ship on time. If you take precautions, there is nothing major to worry about!”

Money is also one of the most common concerns in everyone’s life, especially when traveling. Some vacations can cost thousands, so how do you pay for it? Will you have enough of money to travel? What if something unexpected comes up?

“The upfront cost of a vacation doesn’t need to be scary,” said Mark Noennig, executive vice president and general manager of The Mark Travel Corporation. “Payment plans give vacationers the flexibility to book a vacation on any budget. United Vacations, for example, has an exclusive low deposit policy where people can book for as little as $200 down. And many other brands, like Funjet Vacations, also offer payment and deposit plans.”

Noennig agrees that travel unknowns aren’t anything to be worried about either. “Sometimes life just happens, or a storm is on its way,” he said. “Travel protection plans ease people’s worries and give them the ability to relax and adjust vacation plans accordingly.”

He explains that Funjet Vacations, United Vacations, Southwest Vacations and Blue Sky Tours all offer travel protection options to cover those unpredictable moments.

Tom Karnes wants to advise travelers that they don’t need to worry about some of the little things either. For example, travelers typically need to check in with their airlines the night before their flight, but not all travelers do it on time.

“It can still be done at the airport and is not really a hassle,” said Karnes, CTC, President/Owner
of LaMacchia Travel in Kenosha, Wisconsin. “Travelers also worry about the proximity of rooms when groups travel together.  Clients are stressed that we cannot guarantee that the rooms will be next to or near each other. Once they arrive they realize, depending on the resort, it is not as big of an issue once they are at the destination.”

And finally, Karnes said that travelers are concerned about crime. “Most of the tourist destinations are removed from the violent areas, but because they are in the same country people seem to believe they will be on the front lines of the violence.”

What are your top travel stress worries?