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There’s No Escaping the US Election

Features & Advice Janeen Christoff October 28, 2016

There’s No Escaping the US Election

PHOTO: Traveling abroad? Prepare to be asked about the election. 

It’s not just the hottest topic in America, the U.S. presidential election is on the minds of just about everyone in the world, says the Boston Globe

“Travel outside of the United States and chatter about the election will descend upon you like a stubborn flock of hungry pigeons in Trafalgar Square. Once your identity as a U.S. citizen is confirmed, the questions swiftly commence,” writes Christopher Muther. 

What are those questions? 

“So, is Trump really going to win the election?” a cab driver asked Muther. 

“Do Americans really think he’s sane enough to be president?” a tour guide inquired of him in Mexico City.

In Israel, a waiter inquired: “Donald Trump is going to make a great president. Are you voting for him?”

No matter whose side you are on, there is no question that, as an American, you are going to be asked to weigh in with your thoughts when you travel abroad. 

“I was at a loss when a man I met in Germany this year sent me a Facebook message after the third presidential debate worried that Trump may not concede the election if he loses,” writes Muther. 

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While Muther will no longer be plagued by these questions come Nov. 9, he’s prepared a better comeback for when he does get asked before then. 

“I’ll say I’m from a small farming town in Alberta and that I’m also quite concerned about the outcome of the US elections. At least I’ll only be half-lying,” he writes. 

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